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When we observe with due attention Allah’s creation in all its extension, including man’s technological manifestations, whatever it is that he fabricates as well as ourselves, we can easily perceive that there is a hidden part (operational) and an apparent one (functional); the former being inaccessible to us. The latter, however, we can manipulate and make use of it.

We observe the firmament and see there the Moon and the Sun. Following its movements we calculate the time –this is functional system. Yet, we ignore the intrinsic nature of the forces that move and control them –this is the operative system. The same goes for computers –we know how to use them, but we do not understand the internal mechanism that makes them work. In any device that we take as an example there will be a functional system accessible to its operator –control panel– and an operative system inaccessible to the operator –the motor, electrical systems or electronic cards. Something causes a photocopier machine to reproduce on paper a page of a book. We know how to do it using the buttons of the functional system, but we do not know how the machine does it –it uses an operating system that we are not familiar with. The doctor sees the symptoms of the disease –functional system– that his patient suffers from, but does not see the disease –operating system. As everyone knows very young children are able to speak their parents’ language without studying it. Necessarily there must exist in some part of their body an apparatus capable of producing this language from the continued experience of listening to that language. We see the symptoms –all children speak their parents’ language, as well as other languages under proper conditions, but we cannot see the mechanism that makes it possible since it is part of the operating system. However, what matters most to us about this differentiation is the fact that the operational system cannot be accessed, the fact which is only logical since this knowledge is of no interest to man or user. It is not useful, it does not benefit him, it does not concern him.

We have bought a computer as a writing or designing tool or simply to watch videos on it. In order to do so we do not need to know how the computer works, how the information circulates through its electronic cards. More than that, this knowledge would add nothing to our ability of handling the computer. What allows us to use the capabilities of the computer to the full is to know how to handle its functional system –be skilled at the keyboard and the programs we are going to use.

Such two systems are to be found also in the Qur-an. There are operational verses whose meaning we do not understand nor can we extract from them any consequence or application, and functional verses from which we obtain a clear teaching.

There are suras (chapters) that begin with a series of enigmatic letters –alif, lam, mim, for example– that perhaps act as markers of beginnings and endings of texts or text sequences, or are indications of constructing or generating processes. However, in neither of the two cases can we understand how these processes work or who carries them out. In the following verse we find a dialogue in which the sentences are perfectly clear, but not the general meaning or the process described in it:

(260) Ibrahim said: “My Lord! Show me how You give life to the dead.” He said: “Do you not then believe?” He answered: “Of course I do, it is to satisfy my own heart.” He said: “Take four birds, tie them/cut them into pieces, then put a portion of them on every hill and call them. They will come to you flying with speed. Know that Allah is Exalted in Power, the One Who judges with wisdom.”

Sura 2 – al Baqarah

It seems clear that the key word here is “call them”, because that action of calling is what causes the birds to come back to life. However, we still do not understand the relationship between calling and resurrecting. We can investigate further and reach the conclusion that the term “call” could be rendered as “vibrate” since the voice emits sounds that propagate in the air by vibration. This physical phenomenon is much more important than was originally thought since the vibration can modify or alter the DNA in the cells and cause genetic changes of the first order. In fact, scientists from the Institute of Control of Sciences at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and the Lebedev Institute have come to this precisely conclusion –that vibration or resonance can change the functioning of the DNA. The same interpretation can be applied to the recurrent phrase in the Qur-an: kun fa iakun (“Be!” And it is.):

(117) The Originator of the Heavens and the Earth. When He decrees the matter, He says to it Be!” And it is (kun fa iakun).

Sura 2 – al Baqarah

The creative force is always the voice, the saying, the calling, the vibration –in the beginning was the verb (the word, the voice, the vibration) (John 1: 1); God said: “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3).

Assuming that this interpretation is the correct one (it is for us), we would be referring to the functional system –vibration creates alterations in the DNA and the dead can return to life. However, the answer to the question how this process came about would be part of the operating system, thus incomprehensible to us.

In spite of the apparent technological development of the West, with many other countries following in their footsteps; despite its surprising rapidity and overwhelming promises, we still do not know what a disease is, we continue to die (the prophet Muhammad once said: “Every 100 years the whole humanity is renewed.”), we are still incapable of establishing ourselves farther than a few thousand kilometers above the earth, and this precariously; we still do not know how the universe began, we still do not know what happens after death. And this is because everything that man wants to manipulate, control or direct, is part of the operating system of creation, which we do not have access to, except as far as Allah wills.

In the middle of the seventeenth century several societies were established in England, somewhat secretly, at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Their objective was to discover the operational mechanisms of matter, of human mind and of the universe in general, although their investigations and methods were presented as scientific. It seems that these groups or societies merged around the so-called “Invisible College”, whose founder or, at least its main figure, was Robert Boyle (1627-1691). After the death of Oliver Cromwell and the restoration of monarchy in the person of Charles II, those schools of thought became openly public, and eventually were recognized by the king and supported by the Masonic forces in England and Scotland. Also the name underwent a change. In 1660, on the foundations of all these pseudoscientific societies, more given to alchemy and esoteric philosophies than to science proper, the Royal Society of London is erected. The “men of science” who will populate it will finally be able to take advantage of the hundreds of manuscripts in Arabic that since the time of the Crusades and even earlier, during the true “scientific reign” of Al Andalus, European Jews had been buying or stealing. For 700 years they seemed nothing more than indecipherable treaties, not only because of the language, but also because of the content, inaccessible on account of the poor, almost null, mathematical, physical, chemical, astronomical knowledge of Europe. Now, the Royal Society is going to bring together the best European heads in a desperate attempt to get hold of the mechanism that sustains and moves the universe.

However, the demonic domain by which Western technology is going to be buoyed up is not interested in this kind of adventure since it has known for a long time that the operational system of creation is inaccessible. The objective of Iblis is to create magic that will keep men entertained, will make them forget their origin, will make them individualistic to the point of breaking all the relations between them. This is clearly seen in modern Western societies –no marriages, no children, no companionship, no brotherhood, no commitments.

As we have said before, the demonic domain has not given the West any true knowledge, just a few gadgets with which to have them entertained, while the world at large gets immersed more and more in the depth of ignorance and confusion.

Going back to the example mentioned above -we have not been able to understand how the electrons pass through the processor of a laptop despite thousands of hours spent trying to do so and therefore we have not had time to study the graphic design programs. The final result is total ignorance.

This is what happens whenever we aim at operational system instead of learning to use the functional one.