About us

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Imagine that one day you discover that everything that up till that moment has shaped your vision of existence, your values, your concept of good and evil… imagine that your history readings and all the information that during the “compulsory” educational process you classified as the absolute truth and, therefore, unquestionable… imagine that the existential geography, including its post-mortem part, the historical geography, the evolution as the only possible way to explain the appearance of life and consciousness… Imagine that one day you discover that all that is, simply put, false, a set-up, a product of ignorance and concealment. That, without doubt, would be a day to celebrate, your true birthday. The next phase, after having recovered from the stupefaction that such a discovery would have caused, would be an effort to communicate it to the whole world –friends, relatives and neighbors… to all.

This is what one day happened to us –a group of friends who after long years of searching discovered the screen on which a fabricated reality is projected and which keeps us entertained. More than that, we discovered that if one breaks this screen, one finds another screen behind it, and yet another screen behind each one that gets smashed… as if in a set of Russian dolls someone turned into a macabre set of screens.

There seemed to be no other solution than use lenses that allow one to pierce through all those screens, get through all of them, until REALITY is finally reached.

Such is the goal of New Lens –to put every piece of news, every event, every idea and ideology in its true context and see if it has any value, any relevance or whether it is just a screen, an image entirely virtual.