Trump Goes All the Way from Palm Beach to Omaha Beach

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Now, if you accept the above invitation, be prepared to let go of 200,000 dollars a year for the privilege of being a member of paradise on Earth, alias the Mar-a-Lago Club, complete with guest rooms, a spa, and whatever high-end amenities have been invented or designed in the field of dolce vita in this world.

Mar-a-Lago is located in Palm Beach County on the Palm Beach barrier island, with the Atlantic Ocean to the east and Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway to the west. It’s known for its glitzy estates and its beaches, including the long, sandy Palm Beach Municipal Beach. Worth Avenue (nomen omen) is lined with upscale boutiques, galleries and restaurants. Art and antique furnishings are displayed at the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum, inside the hotel and railroad tycoon’s huge Gilded Age mansion. In case you have never come across the term “Gilded Age” –it’s a period of gross materialism and blatant political corruption in U.S. history that gave rise to countless great fortunes, Flagler’s among them. According to official records it was limited to the 1870s but that is where they mistake. Like a chameleon, it has changed its colour and operational theatre but the Age is still in progress, and even more so.

Omaha Beach is a landing area in Normandy, northern France, used by Allied forces in the WWII D-Day invasion. Today, its remains of German bunkers and the Overlord Museum are a tourist attraction for US citizens looking for a shot of chauvinism.


Left: Palm Beach. Right: Omaha Beach Landings

As you can imagine we are referring here to the recent celebrations of the Normandy landings, about which Matthew Continetti was ecstatic in his Trump’s Great D-Day Speech, subtitled: The president makes the case for national spirit, sovereignty, and strength on the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

Indeed, it was the D-Day, where D stands for Donald (quoting George Galloway). The president began his speech by saying that he was speaking from what he called “Freedom’s Altar”, by which he evidently refers to the worship of Freedom, one of his  gods (false, in our opinion), the same one mentioned in his recent tweet, in which he is exporting Freedom under the guise of LNG.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

BIG NEWS! As I promised two weeks ago, the first shipment of LNG has just left the Cameron LNG Export Facility in Louisiana. Not only have thousands of JOBS been created in USA, we’re shipping freedom and opportunity abroad!

In another one, 7 June 2019, he unites Moon with Mars, a marriage of convenience which might make space travel much more economical:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

For all of the money we are spending, NASA should NOT be talking about going to the Moon –We did that 50 years ago. They should be focused on the much bigger things we are doing, including Mars (of which the Moon is a part), Defense and Science!

We’re kidding, of course. This is merely an example of the president’s thoughts race on the subject of “America’s greatness” –meaning the president has more such thoughts than his grammar can handle.

As to the third example of unusual mental phenomena –it’s true that it didn’t come from the head of the present U.S. administration but originated at Fox News while referencing Trump’s regional policies. As you can see the graphic at the bottom of the screen, known as a chyron, mentions “3 Mexican countries”. Trump’s own statement referred to Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, which he called the “Northern Triangle” (a variation of Bermuda Triangle, so to speak) –and is clearly a reflection of a manic U.S. drive for name calling. The “3 Mexican countries” confusion can be easily explained by the fact that the USA itself is not a country but a business enterprise, to which fact we devote the article When Madness Comes into Power, published here on 23 May 2019.


Finally, it should be noted that while 15 world leaders signed the declaration honouring the 75th Normandy anniversary at the bottom of the document, Donald Trump signed his name all the way high on above them, which can only mean one thing: “There’s always room at the top for a signature of my caliber, folks”.


Given these circumstances, and several others, it’s hard to tell how far the head of the U.S. administration is qualified to talk about any historical event, the D-Day included. Yet, he did talk and indeed mentioned all the jingoistic and fervid clichés available. Quote from Continetti:

The Americans who fought in World War II, and who charged Omaha Beach, “ran through the fires of hell moved by a force no weapon could destroy: the fierce patriotism of a free, proud, and sovereign people. They battled not for control and domination, but for liberty, democracy, and self-rule.”

We are not surprised at his overdoing it since it’s the only war a US president can talk with any decency. Yet, there’s no point in commenting the above words since no discussion can be fruitful when human subjectivity is at work, especially that of a cynic. It should be mentioned, however, that words such as “freedom”, “patriotism” or “sovereignty” don’t mean anything anymore, and if one insists on using them, one should start by providing definitions so that we can see whether we are talking about the same concepts. As it is, one man’s patriot may be another man’s gangster.

Therefore, what the president didn’t say is far more important and clarifying.

First of all, he didn’t even mention Operation Bagration –the D-Day of the Eastern Front, coordinated with the Allies’ Overlord, launched “on 23 June along a 500-mile front, involving close to 2 million troops”. Both of them, being historical (and historic) contemporary facts should be mentioned together.

As British historian and author David Reynolds points out: “In five weeks the Red Army advanced 450 miles, driving through Minsk to the outskirts of Warsaw and tearing the guts out of Hitler’s Army Group Centre. Nearly 20 German divisions were totally destroyed and another 50 severely mauled – an even worse disaster than Stalingrad.” He goes on: “This stunning Soviet success occurred while Overlord was still stuck in the hedges and lanes of Normandy.”

Behold Operation Bagration, D-Day of the Eastern Front, by John Wight

The president didn’t say that in 1941, when Germany invaded the USSR, the then senator Harry S. Truman said:

If we see that Germany is winning, we ought to help Russia and if Russia is winning we ought to help Germany, and that way let them kill as many as possible, although I don’t want to see Hitler victorious under any circumstances.

Truman’s words reflect with crystal clarity the attitude inherited from the British, the very foundation of the Anglo-Saxon-USA diplomacy, if diplomacy it is.

What the president didn’t say, furthermore, while talking about “Americans running through the fires of hell” was that

contrary to Hollywood myth-making of the 1213 warships involved in the landing, 892 were British or Canadian as against 200 American. Of the 4126 landing craft, 3261 were British. Two-thirds of the 12000 aircraft involved that day were British or Canadian as were two-thirds of the soldiers who landed on the beaches. Saving Private Ryan was fiction.

Fictional too is the myth that D-Day was launched in order to take pressure off the Eastern Front where for three long years Soviet Red Army soldiers and civilians had been dying in their millions. In fact, D-Day was finally launched – three years late and despite repeated false promises that it would be – precisely because of the rate of the Soviet advance on Berlin and the danger of the precipitous collapse of the beast of fascism therein before Western armies could even get their boots on European ground.

The failure to launch the Second Front in 1942 and in 1943 was motivated at first by the belief and in many quarters the hope that Nazism would vanquish the USSR and destroy it. This same hope had motivated many of the appeasers who had failed to confront Hitler from the mid-1930s praying that in return he would turn his monstrous war-machine eastwards instead.

The new D-Day? Donald Trump brings a delayed Second Front with UK visit

by George Galloway

What the president didn’t say, furthermore, is that Franklin D. Roosevelt said to a Boston audience on 30 October 1940:

I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.

He said that because the public wanted neutrality, convinced as they were that their participation in World War I had been a grave mistake. Therefore they supported a series of neutrality laws enacted in the 1930s to prevent a repetition of the pre-1917 events that drew the United States into the fighting. Roosevelt wanted re-election (they always want to be re-elected) and that´s why he said what he said but the forces he represented said otherwise. Re-elected he was. After Pearl Harbour (7 December 1941) the war was no longer “foreign” and the boys were sent. Hence, “the back door to war” theory which claims that Roosevelt manipulated events in the Pacific in order to provoke a Japanese attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbour. No hard evidence can be provided, of course, one of the reasons for it being that Douglas McArthur, who was for six decisive post-war years emperor of Japan, reformed that country radically enough to avoid the possibility of finding proofs of anything. Rumours, however, have always existed, and it’s a fact that it was World War II, started only 20 years after the inconclusive World War I, that marks the onset of the US world hegemony push, and that’s why the USA had to enter the war.

What the president didn’t say, furthermore, is that given the fact that it is a business enterprise he runs, his own business included, its management must protect and advance business or corporate interests, of which activity there are many examples –warmongering being paramount among them:

Out of the top 12 corporate financial donors to politicians in Washington, three of them are weapons companies: Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman; a fourth is oil titan Exxon-Mobil. There is an obvious correlation between corporate bidding and foreign policies embarked on by US governments which leads to conflict and wars, which in turn repays these corporations with soaring profits. The American government is the best instrument that corporate money can buy.

Washington’s Huawei hypocrisy… US government is instrument of American corporations, by Finian Cunningham

That’s why president Trump vetoed a resolution passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives that sought to end US involvement with the Saudi-led war in Yemen –so much for self-rule and democracy. It was the second veto of his presidency. Today, we read that Trump’s backing of Saudi war in Yemen is ‘business decision’ and that Senate votes to uphold Trump veto on ending US support for Saudi-led war in Yemen:

The US Senate has failed to override US President Donald Trump’s veto of a resolution which would have ended Washington’s military support for the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, which has been bombing Yemen for four years.

The vote to uphold the veto is a victory for the Trump administration which has said it will continue backing Riyadh in the military operation which has led to thousands of deaths and brought millions of Yemenis to the brink of famine.

The Senate passed the Yemen War Powers resolution in March with a vote of 54-46, but the Thursday vote fell short of the two-thirds majority (67) that was needed to override Trump’s veto and force a change in US policy.

Ergo, to hell with Khashoggi, who cares, we have been instructed that it is Maduro and Bashar Al Assad who are the butchers, and that’s why we sanction them.

So, Mr. President, when you note the “nobility and fortitude” of the British people; when you acknowledge the “sense of honour and loyalty” of Canadians; when you recognize “the fighting Poles, the tough Norwegians, and the intrepid Aussies; when you salute the “gallant French commandos” –everybody with some common sense knows that you are a mere talking head brought and paid for, and if you find it impossible to believe us, please have a look at what the experts say:

Deutsche Bank’s Torsten Sløk says that the distribution of household wealth in America has become even more disproportionate over the past decade, with the richest 10% of U.S. households representing 70% of all U.S. wealth in 2018, compared with 60% in 1989, according to a recent study by researchers at the Federal Reserve.

The richest 10% of households now represent 70% of all U.S. wealth, MarketWatch

What the president never mentioned, furthermore, is that Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to invite Russian president to a D-Day ceremony was a diplomatic blunder, for which he was much grilled by the French opposition, Dupont Aignan and Marine Le Pen among them. During previous D-Day ceremonies, world leaders hailed the significant Soviet contribution to the victory over Nazi Germany. The Soviet Union paid the highest price for the defeat of fascism –an estimated 26 million Soviet citizens died during World War II, hundreds of cities were destroyed, and infrastructure in areas was destroyed beyond repair. Contrary to what it pretends, Macron’s behaviour reflects his inferiority complex, and possibly other complexes as well, and gives us the right to rename him as Micron.

On Sunday before the Normandy show, president Trump pulled of a significant stunt. You see, when we first read the headlines about his praying with pastor David Platt at the McLean Bible Church Vienna, Virginia, on 2 June, we were under the impression, caused by the magic of headlines obviously, that it was a spontaneous action, set off, perhaps, by the round of golf he played beforehand. However, it must have been more than that, as the numerous photographs demonstrate.


Who took them after all, if Trump just “showed up for the service”? Unsurprisingly, the whole thing was misconstrued as partisanship and endorsement of Trump, and within days Platt was expressing remorse for his action. That’s why Jonathan S.Tobin moans and groans that Praying for the President Is Now Problematic. Of course, it isn’t, Jonathan, but let everyone, yourself included, pray for him individually, at home, or during your own congregations’ services, away from cameras. Such prayers are more effective.

According to our own sources both the pastor and the president had an out-of-body experience and in the most elated moment David recited:

Then Jesus said to his followers, “The truth is, it will be very hard for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom. Yes, I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter God’s kingdom. (Matthew 19:23-24)

(40) To those who reject Our signs and treat then with arrogance no opening will there be of the gates of heaven, nor will they enter the Garden, until the camel can pass through the eye of the needle. Such is Our reward for the nefarious.

Qur-an 7 –al A’raf

Let’s hope both of them take heed.

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