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– r e s e a r c h –


A fundamental step on the path to specialization was the introduction of textbooks, the fact which resulted in the absolute control of both teachers and students. The job was carried out by the Jesuit Order –if we want our values and worldview to be truly honoured, we need to create our own educational system, supported by our own curriculum and taught by a faculty trained by us according to our methods. This is what is postulated in Ratio Studiorum, a pedagogical treatise published in 1599.

This goal was clearly confirmed in a speech given by Fr. Michael McMahon at St. Mary’s College, Kansas, in 2004 entitled “The Jesuit Method of Education”:

Let’s not forget the need for adequate training. We must both supervise and provide our teachers. Reciprocally, they should desire our supervision and provision.

The textbook eliminates the concept of a professor-researcher-propagator of his own epistemological vision, whom students would see as guarantor of the quality of their education. It furthermore does away with hundreds of schools all over the world, interconnected by the same desire for knowledge and freedom, protected by the arguments of the research itself. Such system had thrived for millennia, nourished by the prophetic narrative, without textbooks; in circles that were expanding across the Earth as if ripples formed by pebbles thrown into the pond. It is interesting to see how this system is again and again stoned by the priestly castes with their textbooks and their shamanic dogmas instead of arguments.

The textbook not only replaces the teacher, the master, the researcher but also the truth itself since everything that is written there will represent the reality of the facts seen through the ideological prism of the society that has imposed them.

However, the problem, somehow, remains. Although individual views of masters have disappeared, diversity was maintained by means of collectives such as the Society of Jesus and many others. The second step eliminated these groups through the process of ideological globalization, which did not manage to overcome followers of the prophetic path but was successful with the priestly collectives of any denomination that follow the path of shamanism –a vast majority. These priestly collectives will no longer seek knowledge, truth or Hereafter but immortality and power in this world.

All collectives –Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, Muslims or atheists– will use the same textbooks, through which the same materialistic ideology will be spread and assimilated: big bang, evolution, infinite universe, parallel worlds and the triumph of man over any idea of External Agent. All children and young people around the world will study the same “scientific” principles, acquire the same humanistic values and learn to live in the same schizophrenic dual opposition: God-science. The new cosmogony will reach them from pulpits, mimbars and zendos.


However, the shayatin among men and jin were disturbed by the fact that in spite of all the barriers created by textbooks, students could still somehow manage to acquire enough knowledge to be able to escape priestly networks. The unified vision of existence had to be dismembered –thus specialization was born, the last and definite assault on Oneness of Allah. Specialization means first of all an almost total loss of perspective. The closer we get to a painting, the less we understand its meaning, even that of the part we have focused on since all its elements are connected to each other with the sole purpose of forming a drawing transmitting a single meaning. A heap of building materials acquires meaning when we interconnect them with one another to form a building, and it will be this building that gives meaning to the building itself and to the materials with which it has been built.

However, we could ask why neither the curricula nor the philosophy of science has taken something so obvious into account. The answer to this question is crucial to the understanding of the two paths that since the earliest days of mankind were laid out at their feet –the prophetic path (functional science) and the shamanic path (operational science).

Through the use of specialization Western shamans do not aim at better understanding of existence but at control and manipulation which would serve their plans for domination. Their medicine does not seek healing but immortality. They try to penetrate the operational system of the universe, which objective calls for millions of workers, each specialized in one particular screw, in a certain aspect of the mitochondria, in a particular property of certain minerals. However, whenever a door is opened, there appears an unexpected universe which forces them to create new disciplines and sub-disciplines, each one with their own specializations. Everything in vain –before that door closes, ten other doors have already opened.

The registers of the operational system cannot be accessed by man. We can see now the result of the 70-year long space project –trillions of wasted dollars, deadly accidents, contamination, radioactivity, space debris… everything in vain. We live in a closed universe, run according to closed rules –we can neither traverse it nor change its functioning. By contrast, with the use of the functional science we can understand existence and the norms that rule it. Let´s support this affirmation with an example. When we buy a computer, our objective is not to disembowel it with a view to studying the pieces or their function. We have bought it in order to write texts or produce graphic designs. Thus, what we are interested in is to learn how to use the programmes which will help us to achieve our goal. It is obvious that in order to work with these programmes, a complicated operational system is necessary which makes it possible –motherboard, processor, memory, connectors and countless other elements. If we insist on opening the computer case and on manipulating directly the processor and other components, the result will be similar, albeit more economical, to space flights. The true science, which man has always possessed and understood, is useful and functional.

Just as NASA has lost the technology necessary to go the Moon (on astronaut Don Pettit´s admission), we, the mankind, have lost the functional science –or perhaps more exactly –we have been deprived of it. We should, however, recover it. The Qur-an mentions it again and again.

Mankind has always had powerful means of transport which took men by land and sea to the outermost parts of the world. With no fuel or technology, the use of which is contingent on submission to the powers which extract or produce them, the human being have plied the seas and sailed up and down rivers. Men have transported their merchandise on horses and camels from one extreme of the Earth to the other. They have cultivated their fields with excellent results and have obtained from their herds and flocks precious foods and raw materials for their textile industry. They have always known how to cure themselves and how to construct their dwellings in accord with the environment they lived in. They have eaten the foods provided by the sea without causing any damage, and have enjoyed its pearls and corals. Yet all this science which is functional, free of charge and comprehensible to man has been covered up or displaced by the operational science.

We can observe the results in our everyday life all around the world. Ninety nine percent of humanity depends on the remaining one percent –a group of shamans who have obtained from their shayatin allies the technology of fire, something suitable to them but not to us, creatures made of clay.

Another important step on the shamanic road is that of the titles granted by officially recognized universities, both state owned and private, whose “international” prestige is copious enough evidence of their excellent achievement. This system has been particularly efficient at expelling from the scientific scene the abominable amateurs and self-taught experts. From then on we are bound to hear questions and remarks such as: What titles support your claims to speak like this? From which universities have you graduated? Have you got any accreditation at all? This library is only for the graduates or post-graduate students.


Ninety nine percent of mankind does not have access to the academic powers which they maintain, praise and protect. The general public is flatly refused admittance to their publications or the departments and institutions run by them.

Men still die and their dominion does not reach except to the horizon. Truly the promise of the shaytan is nothing but deception.

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