It Stands to Reason That Nobody Can Make Head or Tail of This Coin

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In the name of CNN on 28 April Tim Lister gave us his latest take on terrorism under the title “Destroyed on the battlefield, ISIS begins new chapter of terror” –a hopeless contradiction because how can anyone or anything that has been destroyed keep functioning, let alone begin a new chapter. Once a contradiction, always a contradiction –as the saying goes, and Lister’s article is the on-line proof of it. Whereas it’s true than many headlines talk of “possible” links to ISIS, Lister tries to give the impression of knowing all the ins and outs, all the while, however, wallowing in incongruities.

He starts with the reference to the 59-second video of 8 men (masked, except one) pledging allegiance to ISIS. Needless to say, he never bothers to say whether the authenticity of the video has been independently verified. He does mention that “the video was released by a news agency linked to ISIS”, yet he never explains how there can be at all a news agency “linked to ISIS” nor does he indicate his surprise at this state of affairs. Further on he mentions: the “online ISIS’ publication al-Nabaa”; “sympathizers sustained by online radicalization and extremist preachers”; “angry individuals responding to something they’re seeing online” and “global reach of terrorism… fed by online radicalization”.  Clearly, terrorists literally thrive online. They print and publish what they want; breed sympathizers and radicalize them; have their news agencies and enjoy global outreach. However, when a clip about the Holocaust appears on YouTube slightly differing from the official version, it doesn’t last there 2 hours. To illustrate our point further we may quote the case of Caio Mussolini, the 51-year-old great-grandson of Benito Mussolini, who is running as a candidate from the Italian party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) in the May European Parliament elections and whose Facebook page had been blocked. This is what he told Sputnik-Italia about it in an exclusive interview published on 30 April:

The problem was solved the next day, when even the media reacted to this censorship. A censorship that Facebook itself could not explain. They apologised and said it was a technical error. But, unfortunately, censorship does not end there. The situation is getting worse, especially in relation to me, and it doesn’t allow me to be on a par with other candidates. That is, other candidates can openly express their opinion, and I am limited. For example, I cannot use my real name and surname as a Facebook nickname: Facebook doesn’t allow me to create a @caiomussolini profile. That’s nonsense! I tried to create profiles @caiolenin, @caiostalin, and, oddly enough, such profiles can be created. This is ridiculous, because Facebook is becoming the “thought police” of the twenty-first century.

Let us mention also the wildly popular Twitter, which has suspended some Venezuelan government and media accounts but verified with a blue tick yet another new account for the self-declared “interim president” Juan Guaido.

One thing is clear –there is absolute control of the so called “platforms” and their near-absolute compliance with the policies of the Triumvirate USA-UK-France, which means that if something like ISIS propaganda is allowed to exist it’s because the Triumvirate does not object. And nothing happens without a reason as far as the Triumvirate goes, and it goes as far as their interests take them.

Nor do terrorists seem to have problems with running their banking operations. Lister says:

Where ISIS has a critical advantage is at the bank. Fitton-Brown says that estimates of its assets fall between $50 million and $300 million. Other estimates go even higher. The revenues of the Caliphate have been invested in legitimate businesses, laundered through banks and money-lenders and literally hidden under floorboards.

It is widely known that the above is true, and given the current state of financial system control, the only thing it may mean is that they were granted this “advantage” and the Triumvirate isn’t bothered by it. On the contrary.

The very existence of ISIS is closely connected to the undeclared war the Triumvirate waged, and in fact still does, in Syria. ISIS appeared in Syria armed to the teeth, driving the latest in military vehicles stocked to the brim with the US, UK, French and Israeli arms. They had no problems with crossing frontiers –whether from Turkey, Jordan, or anywhere else. They didn’t do so on tiptoe but quite openly, in broad daylight. When, initially, they had problems, they crossed back to Turkey. They had no difficulty with their online presence. On the contrary. They openly sold on the international market the petroleum stolen in the Syrian north. No questions were asked. On the contrary. And that is how they added millions of dollars to the millions they had already received. Their accounts were never blocked. They were freely buying arms on western markets and nobody, except Russia, did anything to stop them, sanction them or otherwise get rid of them. Consider the following headlines:

US, Israeli-Made Arms Left by Terrorists Found in the Syrian Countryside –Reports

Syria Discovers US-Made TOW Anti-Tank Missiles in Terrorist Camps

Russian Military Discovers Arms Cache Abandoned by Militants in Syria’s Deraa

Syrian Army Reportedly Seizes New Cache of US-Made Weapons (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Tim Lister says in his article:

Counterterrorism experts are united on one point: the small Islamist groups on the island could not have carried out such a complex attack without outside help.

One doesn’t have to be an expert to arrive at this conclusion. The only question is –where exactly did this help come from? What was the nature of this “outside help”? Sri Lanka is an island the size of West Virginia, slightly smaller than Ireland, 10 times smaller than France. It’s true than it is rather densely populated (20 million inhabitants), but surely it boasts of military and intelligence personnel, closely collaborating with international intelligence grid. How is it possible that a small obscure group was able to do what they have been accused of doing? This is not a conspiracy theory. There are facts which should lead anyone to note that the thing does not hold water. Needles to say and in spite of the fact that Tim Lister knows everything, CNN has never reported any of the facts mentioned below:

– “SL Official Purposefully ‘withheld’ intel on attacks” (The Independent, 25 April) or “Terrorists needed ‘at least 7-8 years’ to plan Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka” (, 24 April)

– On April 21 several platforms, The Guardian among them, informed that 10 days prior to the Easter Sunday bombing spree, Sri Lanka’s intelligence received a letter warning them of possible attacks. This information was provided by under the title “Why was warning ignored? Sri Lankan minister tweets intel letter from 10 days before bombings”.

– Also on April 21, Harin Fernando (@fernandoharin), cabinet member and Minister of Telecommunication, Digital Infrastructure Facilities, Foreign Employment and Sports of Sri Lanka, was informing about the letter (photo below) received 10 days before the attacks by Sri Lanka’s intelligence officials, warning them about possible attacks. This letter was for some reason ignored, never taken into consideration.


According to

A confidential April 11 security memo contained names, addresses, phone numbers and movement patterns of the attackers from the National Thowheeth Jama’ath group suspected of carrying out the spate of attacks. Sri Lankan authorities also knew as far back as January that the group was stockpiling weapons and detonators. Government minister Rauff Hakeem described it as a “colossal failure on the part of the intelligence services,” as in-fighting between Sri Lanka’s president and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe appears to have prevented effective action being taken to avert the danger.

Thus, things are far from being as clear as Lister describes them to be.

He says in his article:

In January, an ISIS sleeper cell was able to carry out a suicide attack that killed at least 14 people, including four Americans, in Manbij in northern Syria.

What he doesn’t say is what “Americans” are doing in Manbij in northern Syria. The truth is that the “Americans” in question have entered Syria uninvited, taking advantage of the war they themselves had whipped up thousands of or miles away from their frontiers. That they came to fight ISIS is evidently a lie since on Lister’s own admission ISIS is alive and kicking.

He affirms:

Most assessments suggest (though this is an imprecise science) that thousands rather than hundreds of ISIS fighters and planners slipped out of the caliphate after the loss of Mosul and Raqqa in 2017.

Another lie. They did not “slip out”. Nobody “slipped out”. The ones deemed of value were evacuated by unmarked US helicopters. The rest are in prison camps where they are being interrogated and if considered to be of use, they will become western assets, exactly as did Aimen Dean in 1999, mentioned by Lister.

Lister published his article on 28 April. Just one day later the elusive Al-Baghdadi, who in spite of having been declared ISIS chief hasn’t been seen since 2014, made an appearance in a video. The video was published by the ISIS “news agency al-Furqan”. (Apparently, every terrorist group has their own news agency.) US Army spokesman Col. James Rawlinson told Sputnik that the US-led coalition is working on corroborating the authenticity of the video –the fact which did not prevent all mainstream media, CNN included, from talking about it as a fact worth all our attention and confidence.

While CNN spins out the ISIS story, Mark Curtis talks about al-Qaeda in his “Are the US and UK empowering al-Qaeda in Yemen?” (Middle East Eye) He begins by saying:

Recent investigation by the Associated Press found that militias in Yemen backed by the Saudi-led coalition, of which the US and UK are a de facto part, have been recruiting hundreds of al-Qaeda militants to fight Houthi forces to reinstate the ousted government of Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi. The coalition has been cutting secret deals with these al-Qaeda fighters, paying some to leave key towns with weapons and looted cash worth up to $100m. This, and similar stories that have emerged in the three years of Yemen’s war, begs a key question: Given their arming of Saudi Arabia, are Washington and London also arming and empowering al-Qaeda militants in Yemen? The coalition and al-Qaeda militants have been described by the International Crisis Group as having a “tacit alliance” in Yemen.

Some of the other facts he mentions and discusses are:

  • the coalition forces and al-Qaeda militants are intertwined and present in all the frontlines;
  • Saudi Arabia has been delivering arms to al-Qaeda, which is thus expanding its sphere of influence (according to Joke Buringa, a Dutch foreign ministry adviser on Yemen);
  • Washington and London try to demonise Iran for supplying arms to the Houthis;
  • the UK has licensed more than £4.6 billion($5.9bn) worth of arms to Saudi Arabia since the bombing began in March 2015, with the British government freely admitting that it does not monitor the use of its arms exports after sale;
  • Foreign Minister Alistair Burt told parliament: “The conflict in Yemen has allowed terrorist organisations like al-Qaeda and Daesh [IS] to establish themselves and spread their message of violence and extremism”;
  • the US claims to be fighting terrorism in Yemen, and its drone strikes against AQAP targets have increased since Trump took office, but its larger mission is to win the civil war against the Houthis, and in that conflict, al-Qaeda militants are effectively on the same side as the coalition.

A few days ago it was announced that “Germany is to train Saudi soldiers despite Riyadh’s years-long deadly war in Yemen”. The program, which was made possible after Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen paid a visit to Riyadh in 2016, is on the table in spite of previous affirmations that all military co-operation and arms sales to Saudi Arabia will be frozen. Needless to say, nobody is talking about Khashoggi anymore. Case closed and forgotten. Still, in the eight months after Muhammed bin Salman was appointed Crown Prince (July 2017-February 2018 inclusive) there have been 133 executions in Saudi Arabia, compared with 67 in the eight months preceding (October 2016-May 2017 inclusive). Sometimes, the beheaded bodies are publicly displayed.

On 22 March 2018, the last day of Salman’s US tour, the prince was interviewed by the Washington Post. Apart from saying that he had Jared Kushner “in his pocket”, the prince said:

The Saudi-funded spread of Wahhabism began as a result of Western countries asking Riyadh to help counter the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Saudi Arabia’s Western allies urged the country to invest in mosques and madrassas overseas during the Cold War, in an effort to prevent encroachment in Muslim countries by the Soviet Union. He added that successive Saudi governments had lost track of that effort, saying we have to get it all back. 

It could be supposed that the above may not have been the only request graciously granted the West by Saudi Arabia since the relations between the two remain more than cordial and business is business. As ususal.


Thus, what we are talking about is two sides of the same coin; collusion of interests and methods; lack of scruples or moral judgment; boosting arms sales no matter the circumstances; cutting secret deals with al-Qaeda fighters –paying some to leave key cities and towns and letting others retreat with weapons and equipment; recruiting hundreds of them to join the coalition itself; wars for profit and interests; genocides backed by the highly “democratic” western governments… Only in Syria’s Raqqa the US-led coalition killed over 1,600 civilians –according to the Amnesty International. In Yemen a child dies every 10 minutes. The dead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Yemen reach staggering number –millions. And what happens if someone, not CNN obviously, tries to mention these facts? Judge for yourselves with the help of these headlines:

– Leaked documents implicate French government in war crimes in Yemen

– Macron pursuing journalists for exposing French complicity in possible Saudi war crimes in Yemen

– French intelligence summons journalists after release of classified report on arms in Yemen

– Macron moves to prosecute journalists who revealed French arms sales in Yemen war

As you can see killing thousands of civilians in Yemen is not a crime. It is exposing this fact that is a crime. Beheading people is terrorism… depending on who does it. Crimes against humanity committed by the West in Afghanistan or Iraq are not a problem as long as they remain unexposed. Those who expose them are criminals. Plain and simple. Or is it?


The modern western man is mentally paralyzed not only by the dishonest media but also by what could be called a Late Night Show Syndrome. The problem with shows such as those run by Colbert or Maher is that they are good at merrymaking but nothing else. They make light of everything, especially of their viewers’ heads. Add to this the job of the so called mainstream media and you have the result –the brainwashed and misinformed western man, entirely incapable of reflection, who has no idea what’s going on round the corner, let alone in China. It’s not what they say. It’s what they don’t say, have never said and will never say.

(11) When it is said to them: “Do not spread corruption on Earth,” they respond: “We are the ones that put things right”. (12) Yet they are the ones who spread corruption although they are unaware of it.

Qur-an 2 – al Baqarah

Citing policies against ‘dangerous individuals and organizations,’ Instagram and Facebook have just banned Infowars, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and Louis Farrakhan, among others. Any mention of them will result in bans, too.

As if they were the problem.

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