Bolton: We Won’t Tolerate Any Foreign Meddling in Venezuela, Except Ours

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As of late John Bolton’s favourite addressee on Tweeter is Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino. The Venezuelan military’s refusal to throw its support behind Juan Guaido, the opposition leader turned self-appointed US-backed “interim president,” is clearly a thorn in his side, manifested on this “social platform” for all to see. It will be thus necessary to provide here a small sample of Bolton’s efforts at creative writing. Of course we can quote only those he sent publicly. Apparently, there is a whole batch of his secret tweets, in which the Venezuelan military are offered money, actually a fistful of dollars, for betraying their country, among other equally unspeakable suggestions.

John Bolton


Gen. @vladimirpadrino: The FANB has a historic role & opportunity to protect the Venezuelan people from violence conducted by Maduro’s ‘colectivos’, to avoid further bowing to Cuba, & to protect the Constitutional order from Maduro’s usurpation of democracy. Do the right thing.

To which Padrino responded in a televised address:

Mr. Bolton, I tell you that we are doing the right thing. Doing the right thing is doing what’s written in the constitution. Doing the right thing is respecting the will of the people.

In another tweet Bolton says:

John Bolton


General @vladimirpadrino: Venezuela should be the wealthiest nation in the region. Maduro’s greed and corruption has led to pauperism. FANB’s role in Venezuela’s transition to democracy and prosperity is vital. Stand by the Venezuelan people and Constitution, not Maduro and Cuba.


John Bolton


The United States will not tolerate hostile foreign military powers meddling with the Western Hemisphere’s shared goals of democracy, security, and the rule of law. The Venezuelan military must stand with the people of Venezuela.

There is actually no name for Bolton’s attitude as exhibited in what he says and writes. It’s much more disgusting than cynicism. It disregards the reader’s common sense and good taste. It’s insulting. He, simply put, spits at everybody and expects everybody to say that it’s raining. Although as far as he and his mates are concerned any response to these lunatic tweets will be like water off a duck’s back, they should be answered or at least commented on from a purely human perspective which finds it difficult to take no notice of the stupid things he says:

Every single Latin American country should be the wealthiest nation in the region, Mr Bolton, and so should be every country in Africa and Asia. However, there are reasons why such is not the case, one of them being colonization by the West (which is alive and kicking under the name of post-colonial system of exploitation/control) and the US warmongering. These are the countries which the USA attacked, bombed, sabotaged or attempted to overthrow their governments:

China 1945-46; Syria 1949; Korea 1950-53; China 1950-53; Iran 1953; Guatemala 1954; Tibet 1955-70s; Indonesia 1958; Cuba 1959; Democratic Republic of the Congo 1960-65; Iraq 1960-63; Dominican Republic 1961; Vietnam 1961-73; Brazil 1964; Belgian Congo 1964; Guatemala 1964; Laos 1964-73; Dominican Republic 1965-66; Peru 1965; Greece 1967; Guatemala 1967-69; Cambodia 1969-70; Chile 1970-73; Argentina 1976; Turkey 1980; Poland 1980-81; El Salvador 1981-92; Nicaragua 1981-1990; Cambodia 1980-95; Angola 1980; Lebanon 1982-84; Grenada 1983-84; Philippines 1986; Libya 1986; Iran 1987-88; Libya 1989; Panama 1989-90; Iraq 1991; Kuwait 1991; Somalia 1992-94; Iraq 1992- 96; Bosnia 1995; Iran 1998; Sudan 1998; Afghanistan 1998; Yugoslavia-Serbia 1999; Afghanistan 2001; Iraq 2002-2003; Somalia 2006-2007; Iran 2005-present; Libya 2011; Venezuela 2018

The two maps below represent warmongering of the other two components of the Triumvirate: France and UK.


French colonies: light blue –the first wave of French colonization; dark blue –France itself and the second wave.

If Latin America, its security, prosperity, democracy and rule of law are protected and looked after by the peace-loving US, why doesn’t the BP team (Bolton+Pompeo) turn to Central America first, whose citizens are invading the USA, bringing with them drugs, crime, disease and death (on president Trump’s admission)? No such problems are caused by the people of Venezuela, a country which gives shelter to foreigners, for example to the 50,000 US citizens who live there. Bearing in mind the lofty US objectives mentioned by Bolton, why does the US military establishment have at its disposal something as appalling as the so called United States Army School of Americas, located at Ridgway Hall at Fort Benning, Columbus, Georgia, headquarters of the US Infantry? A while ago it’s name was changed to The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, but it’s the same dog with a new collar. There, only Spanish is spoken. There, “highly qualified” staff prepares the likes of Augusto Pinochet and Pablo Belmar (Chile), Hugo Bánzer (Bolivia), Omar Torrijos and Manuel Noriega (Panama), Anastasio Somoza  (Nicaragua), Leopoldo Galtieri (Argentina), Héctor Gramajo and Antonio Callejas (Guatemala), Roberto D’Aubuisson (El Salvador) and a long list of other military thugs trained to perpetrate the most atrocious acts committed in the region not only during the time of civil wars (whipped up by the USA), but also afterward.


Protesters at Fort Benning; their backs say: Assassins are not born. They are made here.

Why have the peace-loving US authorities set up around 900 military bases all over the planet and have the highest in the world military budget, constantly growing? Just recently, the US military launched a full-on “invasion” of a small island in the East China Sea Japan’s Okinawa archipelago, known as Ie Shima, something that went entirely unnoticed by the all-knowing US mainstream media which always know what to say and how, and when to keep mum. According to Colonel Brodie, this particular “training session” took place because the Indo-Pacific region is “incredibly dynamic” and thus the US Marines are preparing and training daily for “real world crises” –another example of US demagogy and arrogance at its worst. Clearly, any region is “incredibly dynamic” as far as US interests are concerned (Middle East being a good example), and that’s why the US is everywhere, whereas everyone else is expected to stay at home and count the dead.

Thus, we are unkindly requested to accept that the US will not tolerate any “meddling” anywhere in South America, Venezuela in particular, but we are to tolerate all sorts and coulours of US meddling everywhere, especially in the South China Sea and the Middle East, both rather far away from the soon-to-be-walled US borders. Supposedly, it’s about peace and democracy, but everybody knows it’s about economy, natural resources, protection of the petro-dollar and the US hegemony worldwide.

How is it possible that John Bolton, a member of the US administration, openly and in writing tries to buy the loyalty of the Venezuelan military with a handful of dollars thrown to them by the lady of the harbour? Let us imagine that he succeeds and they switch sides. What kind of triumph is that? What kind of democracy and prosperity is he expecting to build in Venezuela with traitors and turncoats? Is it that even at the highest government level North-Americans are unable to interact with third parties except in the mafia way –bribing and killing? But we warn the military of Venezuela and of any other country that once they have committed their misdemeanour and claim their payment, they will get the same answer as the Roman Empire gave to the assassin of Viriathus –Rome does not pay traitors.

Not that Mike Pompeo is much behind. In fact, they both went to the same school. During his recent tour of the Middle East to promote the Trump administration’s policy against Iran Pompeo described Hezbollah, Hamas and Houthis as the only and true risk to Middle East stability, but of course everybody knows that it’s all about the security of the state of Israel and boost for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just three weeks before election. Both Pompeo and Bolton are stiff worried about Venezuela’s problems and dying to solve them, but not a word about people starving in Yemen, where they, the British and the French in coalition with Saudi Arabia are killing off thousands of people. Not a word about the fact that at the height of the war in Syria the USA offered 100 mln dollars to the Syrian Foreign Affairs Minister, Walid Muallem, for defecting to any western country of his choice. Of course this money would have been paid by the Gulf countries –the US pocket-book. The BP team has no dignity nor has it the first idea of what it is, and given the fact that evildoers always think the same of others, acts accordingly. By any standards except theirs, it’s revolting.

Another mantra the BP team is fond of is that of “all options are on the table”. It means “Beware, Number One is coming”. Alas, yet another fallacy. Suffice it to say that the BP team is still, after 17 years, trying to figure out how to get out of Afghanistan. They are good at fighting women and children, that’s true. However, when it comes to real fighting –that’s another story, because it’s got nothing to do with pressing buttons and sending drones to raze to the ground places and people.

It’s truly surprising that there are still people who shake hands with Bolton and Pompeo and don’t experience any side effects, so far. But wait…

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