They did not kill him nor did they crucify him; only that the affair turned out confusing for them. (Qur-an 4:157)


David Joel Horowitz is an American conservative writer who has just published another book under the title “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America”. Judging by the title, for Horowitz the USA and “America” are synonyms, which is a dangerous misunderstanding. It’s not the only incongruence of the author.


His book is about the social, political and moral mess the USA has been turned into, presented under the guise of a warning that both Christians and Christianity are in danger –a mind-blowing postulation as coming from a “secular Jew” (on his own admission). The main topics of his thesis are:

  • Christianity, once the backbone of America’s civilized “Judeo-Christian” society, is under cruel and relentless attack;
  • Left-wing activists, working in tandem with Democrats and radicals, are attempting to tear down America’s religious freedoms;
  • They are waging a war against Christians in court and the media;
  • Anyone who believes in God will be in danger if Christians are not protected;
  • Already some extreme fringe groups are resorting to horrific violence to kill innocent, God-fearing worshippers (sometimes in their own churches);
  • And it can get worse –everybody could be in danger.

Here are some more relevant issues the author comments on in his book:

1) The true plan of “progressives” to substitute themselves for God.

2) How fanatical liberals helped create the religious right by frightening and offending Catholics and other religious conservatives.

3) How fanatical liberals helped create the religious right by frightening and offending Catholics and other religious conservatives.

4) The true story of how liberal activists created the gay liberation movement to challenge Christian ideals.

5) How Barack Obama has become the hero of the anti-God, anti-religious left.

6) The true facts about Donald Trump’s faith — and the real reason evangelical Christians and Catholics are rallying behind him.

7) How radical feminists want a new “feminine” religion that will become a new mantra of morality.

8) The truth behind the Equal Rights Amendment — how its denial of any differences between men and women actually strips women of vital rights they already have, including those involving marriage and divorce.

9) How Obama’s leftist policies are continuing to radicalize the Democratic Party into an anti-Christian entity.


The greatest incongruence of Horowitz’s reasoning is that he identifies himself as a secular Jew, however without elaborating. The problem is he can’t, even if he wanted to, because a “secular Jew” cannot be elaborated on given the fact that “secular” means “having no religious or spiritual basis”. Simply put, one cannot be secular and Jew at the same time, in the same way as one cannot be both Christian and atheist. If Horowitz means that he is genetically Jewish, he is wrong again. No such condition exists or has ever existed. Exactly the same can be said about Alan Dershowitz’s comment about Horowitz’s book:

“Horowitz exposes the intolerance of many atheists toward those who believe in God. As a Jewish agnostic, I think it is imperative that disbelievers not demonize believers…”

Again, a crass incongruence (and lack of historical perspective on top of that). On what grounds then does Dershowitz declare himself to be Jewish? Agnostic is a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God –the most comfortable existential stance; sort of “I’m above all that”, which is just another way of saying “In fact, I’m ‘God’ ”. Thus, once again –one cannot be genetically Jewish because such a condition is impossible as there is no “Jewish” gene in the human genome. Clearly, the Jewish are in the habit of arrogating to themselves the right to be anything at all. Apart from agnostic or secular, they can be Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Democratic, Left or Right, Centre, Far-Left or Far-Right… Recently in Germany 19 Jews formed a chapter of the AfG (Alternative for Germany) –a far-right party, in its origin anti-Semitic.


At (Christian Broadcasting Network) we read under the heading (and listen to the video):

Why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Says Trump Is a Possible Queen Esther, Poised to Defend Israel

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sat down for an exclusive interview with CBN during Purim –a time when Jews celebrate Queen Esther’s plight to save Israel. Pompeo told CBN News that he believes God may be using President Donald Trump to help defend the Jewish state of Israel.

The above proves our point to the hilt. Pompeo goes biblical (the Book of Esther is part of the Bible) and secular if necessary, whatever suits the occasion. Quoting the Bible means that one believes in it, and more importantly follows it in everything it says. If one chooses to believe in some parts of the Bible, but not in others, then one is a hypocrite. If, on the other hand, one says one is a secular or agnostic Jew –the problem gets even more serious. If we consider the Bible to be God’s revelation, we should follow it in everything it says. If, on the other hand, we consider the Bible to be legends of the ancients, we should avoid using it even as a reference. It is a fact, however, that secular and atheist Jews use the Bible to justify their right to occupy the land called Palestine. When, however, they are reminded that the same Bible calls them tyrants, liars, oppressors and rebels; and furthermore that they are supposed to follow the Law given there (Leviticus for example), they answer that they are agnostic or secular and that the Bible is not a historical reference. This constant ambiguity is typically Jewish, part of their idiosyncrasy. They are the Jews; they live in a territory called Israel and speak the language called Hebrew. Clearly, something is very wrong somewhere.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews (about 10% of the population of Israel) clash with police over Israeli military draft on 8 March 2019 in Jerusalem and 7 August 2018 in the city of Bnei Brak respectively.


The above point made by Horowitz deserves a comment since all those marked 2-9 originate from this one. However, accusing “progressives” of this sin is pure hypocrisy. The very existence of a body such as parliament or congress implies substituting man for God since the function of these bodies is to legislate and thus establish man-made law. These “bodies”, however, do not exist in a vacuum. They are part of a very complicated play of political forces which eventually turns those laws into tyranny of some men over the rest of men. One may call it democracy, but it doesn’t change anything.

 The existence of all kinds and sorts of “security agencies” is substituting man for God –they see and hear everything; watch over everything; take note of everything. Thus, the State substitutes itself for God. “America” has substituted herself for “God”. It’s not the fault of leftists or Democrats since it doesn’t matter who is in power.


Horowitz correctly identifies the symptoms, but fails (or avoids) to recognize the disease. “America” has never been a “Christian” country, one of the proofs of this being the fact that Catholics, on his own admission, were “frightened” and “offended” by the “religious right”. And who is or who are this “religious right”? The answer is simple and lies in the fact that the most frightened and offended have been the Irish, who, although white and Anglo-Saxon, are not Protestant.

Let’s imagine for a moment, only for a moment, that Jesus (correctly Isa) arrived at Cape Cod in 1620 with the rest of the Mayflower crowd. Do you think, David Horowitz, that he would have allowed what happened later to happen? History transmits that the “settlers” (who were highly mystical and spiritual) were looking for a better place to live and practise their religion. History showed at the same time that it was not their true objective and had never been. Their true objective, sponsored by the Crown of England, was extermination of the Native American population (successfully completed) and establishment of a political system of expansion, extortion and exploitation (now called democracy) –also successfully completed.  Thus, making “America” “Christian” again will be of no use since there aren’t any Native Americans left to be exterminated. Please bear in mind that the US “evangelical Christians” are the result of Henry VIII’s adulterous affairs and his desire to be his own god, all of which culminated in the establishment of the Church of England, with the king at its head. How convenient! In Chapter 12 you comment on “Why Trump’s ‘morally flawed’ life does not bother conservative Christians” (we suppose you’d be ready to call the other Christians secular, by the way). Well, there you are! Who is to throw the first stone? In fact, nobody did. How very convenient! (Did it really happen this way?)

THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENED (and the man who saw it)


It’s always advisable to know how things started; their origin. One should know where one has come from and what path one has followed. No magic wand was involved in the appearance of problems Horowitz discusses in his book. We have at least 10,000 years of history to relate to and although a popular saying goes that ignorance is bliss, it does not work in the long run.

On their way out of Misr the Banu Isra-il had reached a people deeply devoted to some idols they had, and they asked Musa (Moses) to fashion for them a god like those they had. Their encounter with this particular people brought to light their tendency towards idolatry. In fact, since the very beginning most were opposed, even hostile, to the prophet. This propensity towards idolatry among the Banu Isra-il was to surface again as many among them were prone to unbelief. Thus, when Musa (Moses) was summoned to the Mount, where he was to receive the Instruction and the Law, the inevitable occurred.

The story of calf worship provides clear details about how the members of a community who are diseased in their hearts can be lured away from the path by hypocrites. To create conflicts and disorder, hypocrites always seek opportune situations to manipulate certain man’s inclinations –the basic one among them being rebellion against man’s Creator. The story of the golden calf worship is an example of how it works. In fact, it has happened thousands of time since then, and is happening right now, everywhere, before our own eyes.

Man needs something (or someone) to worship, but most people expect it to be something (or someone) that has no real bearing on their way of life, which they want to fashion by themselves. Man wants for his worship something deaf and dumb –no sermons, reprimands, threats or boring talks about punishment; and most men will go to any lengths necessary to achieve it. By replacing the Creator with a calf (whose shape does not necessarily have to be that of a calf), they claim to have achieved “freedom”. And this “freedom” always implies the freedom of vice and transgression; the freedom to say “I am the god”. That’s why they say after the calf had been fashioned:

(88) This is your god, and the god of Musa, but he has forgotten.

Qur-an 20 – Ta Ha

And yet, while the majority of the Banu Isra-il was having the time of their life, a group was sitting away from them, waiting for the prophet to return. Those were the believers, the ones who have always been, and still are, “demonized” as Alan Dershowitz points out. Thus, as the Qur-an declares, the Hell (jahannam,) will be full to the brim, whereas no such thing is ever said about the Paradise (jannah).

Let those who follow Iblis know that I shall fill yahannam with them all.

(Qur-an 7 – al Araf 18)


The day we shall ask yahannam: Are you filled to the full? It will ask: Are there any more (still)?

(Qur-an 50 – Qaf 30)


You are not gods and never will be, even if you have billions in your bank accounts (which may go bust anytime). You are creatures; that is you have been created and fashioned in due measure and proportion, for which you should be grateful. You are not animals, insects or rocks, for which you should also be grateful. You have not decided the colour of your eyes or you stature, yet you cannot imagine yourselves to be any other way. In fact, you have not decided anything, and yet you dare think you can decide the fate of the world. Thank your Creator and rebel no more.

Your Creator has always communicated with you by means of His prophets, people like you and everybody else, but prepared by His malaikah (angels, if you insist) to carry out this very special, dangerous and, in human terms, unrewarding task. Most have rejected their prophets; others have tampered with their teachings and books; yet others have used them to their advantage –for example the clergy of all sorts and colours. However, the truth is available for those who seek the truth, and on the Day of Judgment we shall all be held accountable for what we did or didn’t do.

Our distant forefathers, the Banu Isra-il, rebelled against Musa and erected their own god –symbol of their desire for pleasure and merrymaking; for paradise on Earth (which they always thought money could buy). Musa destroyed this god, but its worshippers have been struggling since then to establish a pagan human society, in which the elite, their elite, would govern and rule. This is what they finally managed to carry through in the West, but above all in the USA, where atheist Christians were of great use in promoting totally anti-Christian values and way of life, all that under the guidance of the Jewish minority promoting and advocating anti-Jewish values.

The people who left Misr with Musa (Moses) were called Banu Isra-il, but they transgressed the Law and betrayed the Compact so many times that eventually they became ashamed of themselves and declared that they would never again abandon the right path:

(156) And ordain for us that which is good in this life and in the Ajirah (Hereafter) for we turn to You in repentance after having erred.

  إِنَّا هُدْنَا إِلَيْكَ.

Qur-an 7 – al ‘Araf

And this is what the term hadu, which derives from hada هادَ, hawada هَوَدَ means: “to return to what is right after having been in the wrong”. And this is the name which best describes their comings and goings since they arrived in Misr until the present day. No genetics is at work here. It’s the result of their attitude and mind-set.


Horowitz’s book is a pretext for an all-out campaign in favour of president Trump. He has to win. It is advertised as a best-seller and recommended as a must-read. However, right next to the “Submit Order and Confirm” button we find other buttons which say: “Get Your Free Book and Gifts Now”, “Plus, 4-Months FREE of Health Radar”, “Hurry, Your FREE Book is Waiting”. Most unusual, indeed.

The thing is –Donald Trump has to win in 2020. The USA is at a crossroads and so is Israel, something has to be done. It’s not about going back to “America’s” Christian roots as advocated by the secular Jewish author. It’s all about Israel. If there was any meddling in the 2016 US elections, it was Israel that did it. In return, the president recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Golan Heights as its part, as well as approved once again the multi-billion US aid to Israel. Given the fact that the United Nations is opposed to both declarations of recognition, the USA will (probably) kiss UN goodbye. Quite simple. But in order to keep the thing going, Trump must keep presiding over the USA. Israel is set to take over the whole of the Middle East, and dramatic appeal to the “Christian backbone” of the USA by a secular Jew is a maliciously clever move. It might even work given the ignorance of the general public everywhere, but in the USA especially, and thus Pompeo knows he can talk about Trump being queen Esther and no-one will bat an eye. Trump, by the way, might declare himself king –after having done away with the Democrats, that is. In this way he could add the title of King Donald to that of Queen Esther.

There’s no point in predicting future, but whatever the outcome, it’ll be yet another Matrix because whatever one does while in the Matrix is useless. One has to get out in order to “see” by starting to use the eyes one has never used before.

In conclusion: The resulting drink, as designed by Horowitz, will be a bitter cocktail: a majority of secular Christians, who, just like Trump, have never looked beyond the Bible’s front cover; a few random drops of fundamentalist Christians, more associated with exorcism and other pagan-shamanic practices than with the teachings of Jesus; all of them led by the acid elite of secular and agnostic Jews. The society that emerges from mixing such ingredients has a difficult solution. You will have to go far back, much beyond the Mayflower; much beyond the councils, the Trinity and Paul of Tarsus. It will be necessary to reach the group of believers who resisted calf worshippers and waited patiently for Musa to come back with the Law and the way of life that is correct for the human being.

As far as the Muslim community in the USA is concerned, we recommend them to read the Qur-an scrupulously and reflect for a moment on the following verse:

(51) Believers! Take not the hadu (Jews) and the nasara (Christians) for your allies. They are but allies to each other.

Qur-an 5 – al Maidah

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