The Tree of Truth, The Third Branch: North-American Civil War

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The Third Branch: North-American Civil War


Hollywood had yet another assignment –to continue convincing the world that their civil war had no other objective than that of ending slavery. The north represented civilization and the south represented barbarism. There was no alternative, but to subjugate barbarism by force of arms and unify all of America under the same ideal of justice and equality. The strategy to follow would not differ much from that used with Native Americans and Vietnam. First, the ideal, the epic, the sublimation, the falsification of reality had to be represented in an image. Initially, Native Americans were the bad guys, the ones that violated agreements with the white man; who stole, plundered and raped. Even worse –they were savage. For decades we thought that they had no language because in movies we saw they only screamed or howled. We thought they had no families, wives, children or parents … They were much worse than animals, after all so well organized, always obedient to their instincts. This image gave Hollywood a lot of money and, above all, justified their annihilation. Native Americans were a danger that had to be extinguished.

The epic itself begins with the journey of a group of emigrants who flee from the uncompromising Church of England and seek a place somewhere in the wide world where to settle down to live a life of devotion and mysticism. The trip was made aboard the Mayflower, which sailed from the port of Plymouth on September 6, 1620 and arrived at Cape Cod, in the present-day state of Massachusetts, 66 days later. The epic ends on extensive cotton plantations in which thousands of African blacks will lose their lives and human dignity. This ending is seen as mismanagement on the part of history –or else: “That´s life.” The semantic imposture is what yields best results –the massacres committed by the West are integral and inevitable part of human condition. At the same time, the achievements of humanity, of the Arab-Islamic world, of India and China are attributed to and easily assumed by the West… In fact, everything comes from the East.

However, after several decades of mediocre films in which Saxon settlers are painted as heroes, saints or attractive cynics, Hollywood will do an about face –Natives will be imbued with wisdom, dignity, courage and sensitivity; cheated and abused by rude and uncivilized white men (mostly English and French). The trick would have failed miserably had it not been for the fact that it introduced a factor that tipped the balance in favor of the Gringos –the ultimate hero, the one beyond good and evil, was always a white man of English origin. This is evident in “Dancing with Wolves” (Kevin Costner, 1990), “The Blue Soldier” (Ralph Nelson, 1970) or “The Little Great Man” (Arthur Penn, 1970).

The American Civil War is part of the events that have petrified and are not talked about –all’s well that ends well. It was a truly great event worthy of a great people. History has closed that glorious page, although to achieve that glory it was necessary to spill a few liters of sister blood. “What the hell! We’ve gone to the Moon (maybe not), we have set up the network and, above all, we have given you hours and hours of Hollywood happiness. You can’t deny us the right to commit some kind of outrage? We´ve changed the world, after all.” Obviously there are many historical interpretations, but in general none of them coincides with that of the Confederates.

Magic is not real, yet for 400 years almost everything has been magical, pure sorcery. You never know when the infection started and the wound got filled with bacteriological cultures. It may have all started with Adam, with sex, with good and evil. Human character was forged from pride and pusillanimity, the two characteristics at the origin of all known diseases. The Arabic word for human being is bashar, meaning “the one that has skin”, and the skin, the contagion is the vehicle and the essence of the disease according to homeopathy. Yet, it doesn’t seem sufficient. Something more is needed to explain the massacres perpetrated by the West. All of them might have been a simple warming-up before establishing high technology as a substitute to god. Thus, we can no longer speak of magic, but of power. The shayatin are the allies of transgressors, of rebels, of those who cover up, of those who are willing to sell their souls to the devil.


Under no circumstances can the American Civil War be seen as a desperate attempt to end slavery. Neither the Union ended with it after their military and political triumph, nor was that ever their intention. Thomas Jefferson –redactor of the Declaration of Independence of the United States, first secretary of state (1789-94), second vice president (1797-1801) and third president (1801-09) – was one of the most eloquent activists in favor of the American Revolution. He hated slavery, the concept that could evoke so many other concepts if we pulled at the semantic thread. It was not necessary. Everything was a pure act of cover-up and hypocrisy. New evidence, this time with the help of comparative DNA analysis, prove in almost 90% Jefferson’s relations with one of his numerous black and mulatto slaves, Sally Hemings. His ideals of brotherhood launched at the stupid American audience soon contrasted with those of his own way of life, based on slavery and an exclusively white American society.

The American civil war had a clear objective that was not to put an end to slavery, but religion, morality, ethical prohibitions and God’s metaphysical vigilance. Samiri’s own dream. Musa asked him why he had made a calf and worshiped it. Samiri did not feel intimidated. He had news of a satanic project that Musa had not been informed of.

The American Civil War was in need of great power to unify the entire continent and create a kingdom-republic of evil, a domain of free vice sustained by black work force… large corporations where stunning women, prostrate at the feet of their masters, were also part of Samiri’s calf worship. Not everything was plain sailing –Rio Grande resisted Yankee advance and many other elements of their dream architecture turned out to be inoperative. However, the project still stands. Sexual lapses of American presidents –Warren Harding, John Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Donal Trump among others, prove that the project is not dead.

The American Civil War has now turned against the whole world. The countries unwilling to participate in Samiri’s witchcraft will be branded as seditious, undesirable people who promote slavery.

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