The Three-Head Hydra

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There is something disturbing about the whole thing. Perhaps it is the parlance mafiosos use for threatening someone who refuses to buy their merchandise, but under no circumstances should a government imitate them while talking to another sovereign government, turning the dialogue into an altercation between two thugs. The United States, a country self-promoting itself politically, socially and economically as the model to be followed by all and sundry, should try to do it by means of a much more benevolent, cordial and negotiation-oriented accent. Turkey, after all, is the second NATO military force; Istanbul was a few years ago the European capital of culture –impossible to go more westerly, brotherly and hand in glove. And yet, the world has been once again taken aback by the US government threats directed at its faithful (so far) ally expressed in a language that reminds us of hoodlums warning a client establishment that if the owner doesn’t give up buying from other distributors, they’ll break all of his right-hand fingers and a leg for starters. We’d much rather hear other words, something that would allow us to believe that one can be a United States’ ally without living in constant dread of seeing some day a couple of ruffians on the horizon, displaying their arrogant movements and stony glances; cracking their knuckles. The behaviour of the United States, its language, its threats –all this is typical of a pimp, not of someone in a position to assume the role of the world leader.

On the other hand, president Erdogan’s attitude, at least politically speaking, is at best    exasperating. His constant ambiguities and rectifications make it impossible to follow his line of reasoning and even less to carry out any meaningful negotiations. Each week he rotates his policy 180 degrees in one direction or the other. When it was announced that Turkey was to buy the Russian anti-aircraft weapon system, the S-400, and after the president had gone several times to Russia and had tacitly implied a radical change in his policy toward Syria, we expected that the next steps taken by the Turkish leader would be: immediate departure from NATO; withdrawal of Turkey’s petition to enter the European Union; its joining the Shanghai group and a clear political, economic and even military approach with Muslim countries, because first and foremost the greatness of Turkey and its well attested noble place in history cannot be dissociated from the fact that it was the capital of the Sultanate and one of the great centers of Islamic knowledge. Unfortunately, all this has been obliterated by Erdogan in exchange for the distant vision of rubbing his shoulders with western leaders. Perhaps he could not wait to become the president of the European Union, just for six months we might add, but for which vision this Persian miniature would be willing to sell his soul to the devil.


The S-400

The United States cannot be blamed for reproaching Turkey on account of the S-400 purchase from Russia, the number one enemy of NATO. Obviously, and as a mere annotation on the margin, Russia is not the number one enemy of anyone. NATO knows this and the United States knows it, but the tremendous defence spending of western countries can only be justified by the existence of enemies, and the more powerful they are, the easier it is for those countries’ leaders to explain the growing pockets of poverty to be found in their much trumpeted welfare societies.

When president Putin warned president Erdogan and provided precise details about the imminent coup threatening his government, his assassination included, Erdogan, immediately after having put that pantomime under control, went to Moscow to thank his Russian counterpart, and in passing, try to establish together a new Middle East, Syria especially, strategy. However, after some subsequent rather shaky steps toward full recognition of the Bashar government, Erdogan returned to his old ways and ambiguity. Putting into practice the saying “when the going gets rough, the rough get going” he directed his accusations at Fetullah Gulen, comfortably exiled in the USA, exonerating in this way the USA-EU team.

In point of truth it is logical that as a member of NATO Turkey should not buy Russian S-400, as this means on the one hand, a clear threat to NATO’s own security and, on the other, an additional income in the “enemy’s” coffers, the money that should have gone to the coffers of the “friend” and “ally”. However, there’s more than that –the Hydra raised its third head. We are referring to the fact that Turkey cannot be expected to apply logic and consistency to its interaction with its military allies when it was them who have prepared a coup d’état that included Erdogan’s own assassination. The moment the situation was totally under control, what should Turkey have done? Following the logic required now of Erdogan, he should have declared war on the United States, Great Britain and Israel. Definitely, too many fronts and thus Erdogan chose to go on with the farce. If he is now willing to buy the S-400 system from Russia, those who have orchestrated the coup are hardly in a position to reproach him for lack of coherence. Having failed in the attempt to overthrow the legitimate Turkish president implies that it is his NATO allies who should give in and court Erdogan in order to put out the fire. However, far from courting him, his allies accuse him of violation of the most basic human rights and abuse of power, in reference to his having imprisoned and otherwise castigated those who had carried out the coup and had planned to assassinate him –we have mentioned on numerous occasions that the most typical characteristics of the West is cynicism.

Three Hydra heads for an infamous affair –military coup, betrayal and incoherence. It could not have happened any other way given the fact that all international relations of the USA-France-UK triumvirate are a farce maintained and camouflaged by their mass media. In reality NATO does not exist, Turkey is not in the West or its ally, and both the USA and the UK care only about their interests. The only objective of all this paraphernalia of enemies and threats, extraterrestrial ones included, is to maintain the highest possible level of luxury enjoyed by western elites, the majority of them being Jewish.

Erdogan has not done his homework and therefore he has not drawn any conclusions, but these are clear: If he wants his country to be respected and his allies be friendly and dependable, not otherwise, he will have to replace NATO with the Shanghai Pact (sooner or later to be established as the only authentic military alternative); and the European Union with BRICS. Having expelled Brazil and accepted membership of Turkey and North Korea, this latter bloc would be renamed TRICKS, meaning acts intended to annoy someone and cause them minor discomfort so that one can laugh at them.

One thought on “The Three-Head Hydra

  1. I think Erdogan, despite his apparent ambiguity, is doing things right, obviously he can not get rid of the pacts and alliances established before his arrival, but in my opinion his intentions are noble, so it translates into support even among the secular and secular sectors of the country, because it invests in civil infrastructures as much as it does in its own production of defense systems, it is not easy to maintain a balance when it is a hinge between east and west, I think that if we ask you would love to get out of NATO, or reimpantar the Arabic alphabet, but in practice is more complicated, and must perform with great caution, cunning and intelligence so that hyenas are not avalanced, have practically eliminated the external debt by de facto taking control over their sovereignty , have cleaned the sewers of power and especially the military elements under direct nomination of the pentagon, and despite the dishonesty in the conduct of Europe and USA must continue to deal with them at the moment, they also need more than what the Turks need to NATO, the ideal is to have patriot, have S-400 and also develop the HISAR AOU own systems, they are under siege but they hold up well, Despite the terrorist campaign of two years ago that managed to reduce tourism and devalue its currency, work in a praiseworthy way, Erdogan will have committed and made mistakes, but in general you can not say that doing a bad job, you can not expect erase Israel from the map and break with the West overnight, the saudis are afraid and envious. the time will put everyone in their place based on their intentions, they helped the Rohinga, they support the oppressed Egyptian people where they can, they are now helping in Libya, they stood firm with Qatar when the rest of the traitorous dogs finished selling to the Palestinian resistance, may seem insufficient based on their capabilities, but worse would be prepicitasen, we must let them act intelligently.


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