The god Trump Signs Bibles – That´s What Authors Do

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There are two things that are genuinely U.S. –ignorance and being complacent about such an abominable characteristic. No one knows what to think about the event mentioned above and, as always, it is from the depths of human subjectivity from where the answers to such an unusual and disturbing incident emerge. Listening to their comments one might come to the conclusion that Christianity has just been invented, and that this fact has caught them all, leaders and theologians included, by surprise. Hershael York, director of the Theological Seminary of the Southern Baptist Church, commented (and it’s highly likely that history will have recorded his words): “Though we don’t have a national faith, there is faith in our nation, and so it’s not at all surprising that people would have politicians sign their Bibles. Those Bibles are meaningful to them and apparently these politicians are, too.” False, my dear Haershael, you have no belief or nation –you are intruders, invaders, predators and exterminators, and therefore you live agitated by a whirlwind of confusion which makes you say and do what nobody else in the world says or does.

This state of affairs is not surprising if we take into account that the “colonists” who one bad day arrived at Cape Cod on the Mayflower were English and that as early as then they lacked faith or a robust corpus of beliefs based on divine revelation. They were the unfortunate children of Henry VIII, an adulterer who was crowned supreme pontiff of the “Church of England” after having beheaded Thomas More, the only sensible man on those islands. Driven by religious fervour and irrepressible desire to follow in the footsteps of their beloved Isa (Jesus), they exterminated the natives of those lands and stole their coasts, their mountains, their deserts; they raped their women and murdered their children. Well, let’s pass that leaf of history, which, incidentally, represents those events as mismanagement and “we all make mistakes”. Let’s see what they have now… Exactly what the Mayflower invaders had –theological confusion and chronic dissatisfaction with the impossibility of enjoying the earthly paradise built shoulder to shoulder for the Jewish elites and their most faithful vassals. However, it does not seem to matter –each day they eagerly keep putting their shoulders to the USA wheel under which their children are crushed in the interest of all. Yet the schism that opened after Trump’s Bible signing is even more devastating as it undermines the very foundations of the tremulous ontological building of values ​​that give meaning to the lives of those who make the wheel go round. Let’s see why.

In principle, books are signed by their authors. It does not seem coherent for someone to buy John Hamster’s latest book and take it to Susan Pet for her to sign, because Ms Pet has nothing to do with John’s book. In the case of Trump and the Bible, the disparity is even more insurmountable. What if it’s not a metaphor? If, after all and in accord with Hershael’s claims, the U.S. does not have a national faith, but does have faith in the nation, it is possible that Trump-signed-Bibles are manifestations of a national wink: Faith in the nation is our national faith, and we don’t need any other. What if he’s saying: “Hey, guys! Make me your god and then yes, America will be really great”. According to latest polls it seems clear that in general terms divine dictatorship would be more favourable for the world than military and economic.

However, there is another, no less important, factor in this whole mess, namely the theological ignorance of westerners in general and of the U.S. citizens in particular. Trump, for example, put his signature on the covers, which is the only part of the Bible he has read in his life, and like him, the majority of the U.S. “Christians”. Nobody knows what that book contains. Nobody wants to face its contradictions, its incongruities or the very absurdity of calling the Pentateuch the book of Musa (Moses). Was it to him to whom it was revealed? Was it he who was told “and then Musa (Moses) died”? (Deuteronomy 34:5) The Bible is always a closed book, black, which is put before witnesses in trials to swear by, or to be signed by the U.S. presidents as a clear manifestation of their divine investiture on account of their being worthy successors of Henry VIII, adultery, alcoholism  and promiscuity.

For his part, Bill Leonard, founder dean and professor of divinity emeritus at Wake Forest’s School of Divinity declared without any sign of congestion, asthma or heart murmur worth mentioning that Trump signed the Bibles in a church, not at a political rally and it would have been much worse if he had refused to do so because it would have implied bad manners and disdain for the people he was briefly visiting. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s”. (Matthew 22:21) This formula has been in operation for more than 2000 years. But according to our interpretation, Caesar must follow God’s instructions since man cannot understand existence and its countless interactions better than God who is the one who has originated it. To say that worldly affairs, namely economy, politics, health, war, education and so forth, are solely men’s concern is a clear coup d’état against the government of the deity. This incongruity is at the base of political, economic, military and all other men’s problems since the arbitrary separation between Caesar and God makes men govern men according to their own laws, which clearly represents the greatest of tyrannies. Who is a man to tell another man what he has to do? How can we compel men to be governed by the subjectivity of other men when there is divine objectivity? We want to objectify human subjectivity by referring to the fact that democracy and the electoral system it has established eliminates subjective elements, but we all know that parliaments, congresses and international institutions are full of people with very few scruples. Those who enter those chambers are jackals avid for power, not for proper judgment and mercy. What created all systems of oppression is human subjectivity and we can only free ourselves from those chains by remaking the formula which Isa (Jesus) never said: “Everything belongs to God and Caesar is just His administrator”. Not that the U.S. citizens, in between ignorant exterminators and avid ignorant exterminators, are interested. James Coffin, director of the Council of Interfaith Relations of Florida, commented: “There has been too much talk about something that does not deserve this kind of attention.” Serious error or rather an effort at justifying cynicism –we have no faith; we have a politician accused of adultery with a porn star signing Bibles; the slogan “in God we trust” is a euphemism of “in our presidents we trust”… and James says that the matter does not deserve our attention? No other issue deserves attention except this one. Is there or is there not a Creator, God? If the answer is in the affirmative, then the policy and all its implications will have to be modelled as dictated by the deity. If, on the other hand, the answer is in the negative, then other dollars will have to be issued, other slogans will have to be proclaimed, the Bible will not be sworn on in courts of justice and, of course, presidents and anyone at all will be allowed to sign Bibles or Spiderman comics.

James has a reason or at least his reasons for not wanting this issue to be aired, because the truly serious problem, even more serious than the interpretative nonsense of the inhabitants of Alabama, is that Jews and Christians have even lost the name of that Creator, much in the same way as NASA has lost the technology to go to the Moon. How can one lose such things? How can one forget that Name? Amnesia?  Nationwide Alzheimer’s? No, it is not this disease, but rebellion; the Jewish coup-driven mania transferred to the Anglo-Saxons and from there to the triumvirate UK-France-USA. Their cry has always been –elimination of all authority. Can there be a more emblematic and uncomfortable authority than that of Almighty God?

Musa (Moses) went to the mountain to receive instructions in his capacity of that God’s Caesar and  administrator, and meanwhile the Jewish organized the feast of the calf, a celebration that has not ceased since then –it is celebrated every day in parliaments, in the Pentagon, in the White House, in the CIA headquarters, in the Vatican, in the Hajj… However, even more terrible than having lost the Name of the Creator is having lost His Law –His Objectivity. It could not have been otherwise since implementation of the Divine Law would uproot that of the calf worshippers, and they would have no other choice but to dismantle all railway networks in the world, all generating stations and power plants, all engines and the rest of the technology with which they gagged the believers who waited patiently for Musa (Moses) to return.

How are they going to return to the Moon? What new theories will make us forget those of the big bang and those of gravity? But the Name of the Creator and His Law have not disappeared nor will they disappear until the time comes when His Hands folds up the Sun.

(32) He is Allah, your Lord, and this is the truth. And what is there apart from the truth if not error? How then do you turn away?
Qur-an 10 – Yunus

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