History Repeats Itself… Again

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Nikita Khrushchev – John F. Kennedy

Guatanamo for US, nothing for the Soviet Union


Puttin – Trump

Venezuela for US, nothing for Russia

In November 1962 an agreement was reached between the Soviet Union (Nikita Khrushchev) and the United States (John F. Kennedy) in order to end the so-called October crisis. The background of the problem was the same as always –the US could establish their missiles in Turkey and Italy, just next door to the Soviet Union, but the Soviet Union could not install theirs in Cuba, so close to the US. This ignominious treaty was, in fact, the harbinger of the inevitable fall of the Berlin Wall and the USSR. The negotiation that ensued in the latter case did not take into account the future nor did it analyze the Jewish millenarian strategy, now embodied in the Anglo-Saxon deep state (England and USA); it did not even try to balance the results. The Reagan-Gorbachov agreement was not signed in triplicate nor was it sealed by the United Nations or the NATO. It was, basically, a gentlemen’s agreement but as everybody knows (except Gorbachov possibly) it only works if both (or all) parties are gentlemen. All that is now history, rather forgotten one might add, and thus there would not be much point in dragging its dark and obscure pages out of where they belong. However, oddly enough, we find them again on our table, staring at us mockingly and that’s why the subject, we feel, needs to be brought up. On this occasion, the protagonists are Putin and Trump, and the apple of discord, Venezuela. This time the factors of the equation seem unbalanced in favour of Russia. Putin’s negotiations with Trump almost imply adding insult to injury and yet it looks like the result will be the same… 60 years later.

Is it that this so very long film is not enough to understand the scenarios that the UK-France-USA triumvirate generates again and again? Is it not enough for Putin to understand that in face of mercenaries, sophisticated weapons, logistics, proxy agents, regular armies, government overthrow techniques, rebellion inciting and rebellion putting off strategies… words, political analyses and obedience to the rule of “international law” just aren’t enough?

Action is always heartbreaking. One would rather be a spectator and then write an article condemning the aggressor in the strongest possible terms. However, that is how tyranny expands. The inaction of some is the green light for others, meaning that the latter can act with impunity and justify their excesses with cynical arguments and stone faces.


Where is the ball now?

Let’s be clear right from the beginning:

-The much evoked International Law does not exist. The norms that supposedly constitute it have been imposed by the triumvirate UK-USA-France (the US empire is an extension and continuation of the British empire –the same principles, the same strategy, the same cynicism– and the latter was an extension and continuation of the Frankish Merovingian dynasty). It only serves the interests of the triumvirate.
-The much celebrated organization euphemistically called the United Nations does not exist. It is a smoke screen, a show in which every day the same parody is performed and in which every day dozens of jesters entertain the owners of the theater.
-The triumvirate has no honour and thus never respects their word. Therefore, it is useless to carry out any kind of negotiation or agreement with them. What today has been solemnly agreed on, tomorrow will be a dead letter.

These are the prolegomena on which any political, economic or military relationship with the triumvirate must in fact be based. To ignore this reality is to fall victim, again, of the Nikita syndrome.

If the new emerging bloc wants to send the world the message that it is a true alternative to the cynical tyranny of the West, in other words –of the Merovingian triumvirate (Paris-London-New York), it will have to act in Venezuela with more urgency and force than in Syria. If in 2011 Russia had sent its armies there, now there would be no US bases in the country nor would Turkey have claimed the right to invade northern Syria; almost four years of indecision and hesitation… four precious years that the triumvirate took advantage of, alleging that its intention was none other than to do away with all terrorist groups (which they had recruited, trained and armed, and now are sending somewhere else) in order to favour the Syrian people economically and politically –the same old fairy tale, and yet everyone rushed in to hear it.

In the case of Venezuela waiting four months could be fatal. There is no reason to delay military support for the legitimate government of Venezuela. The strategy of the triumvirate is always the same –a scenario with fabricated elements is presented to the world, giving the general feeling of being the correct one. Nothing is farther from reality. If the presidential elections in which Maduro was elected were a fraud, why they were not denounced then –by the parliament, by the people and by the United States? If the election of Maduro as the president of Venezuela lacks legality, what shall we say about the legality of a guy who auto-proclaims himself president? Isn’t the USA shocked? Doesn’t that pirouette look undemocratic to Bolton? Clearly, the answer is in the negative. It is a parody, a farce, a montage … nothing to do with real values ​​of justice, prosperity and freedom. Could it be possible that what the new emerging block wants  is to climb up onto the stage and be part of the pantomime?

Every time a nation decides to approach Russia or China economically or militarily, a war scenario is generated there. Let’s not forget that Venezuela’s gradual departure from the United States, which had already begun with Chavez, set in motion the US mechanism of annihalitation of that country –sanctions, threats, support of the triumvirate and its buffoons for their deadly techniques, more sanctions and more efforts at government overthrow… direct armed intervention or through proxies and internal elements prone to protesting (the latest in the Pentagon and the CIA strategies). Therefore, if the new emerging bloc is set to establish close relations with any given country, it must be willing to face up to the triumvirate and protect its new partner, and must do so immediately, without waiting for the said Trv to interfere with this new relationship.


This is what we see today in the conflict between Pakistan (Trv’s jester) and India (BRICS member). In 2018 India, with the population of almost one billion and a half inhabitants and one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, which is still suffering the devastating despotism of the British, decided to buy the S-400 from Russia, without doubt the most sophisticated ground-to-air defense systems in the world. Immediately, the United States threatened India with harsh sanctions if it went ahead with the deal –exact application of the mafia rules. The second step is to instigate third parties (nobody better than Pakistan in this case) to generate a war. What reason could the Pakistan government have to attack Indian positions in the Kashmir region? Or was it an abominable jihadist group? The latter always sounds like the best smoke screen to cover up reality, although it already has the characteristics of a boring chant no one believes in. Whichever… it is imperative that India should pay for its insolence. In vain will we try to find an answer to this attitude of the Trv in the “international law”. It is simply about making the whole world understand that whoever is not with them is against them and therefore must perish. The mafia does not explain to the owner of an establishment why he has to buy their merchandise. What they explain to him in a diaphanous and irreducible way is that if he does not do so, they will break his right hand fingers, then his left arm, then they will destroy the premises and finally kill him. The same procedure used by the Trv to threaten the nations it considers “rebellious”.

North Korea resists, but if it does not obtain real support and help from Russia and China (we wonder who it is that Vietnam supports), it will succumb. Thousands of intelligence agents from Israel, UK, France and the USA have been working for years to undermine the government of Kim Jong-un, ruin his millennial country and corner him internationally. Some objectives! In fact, an outrageous everyday reality for countries which, with a deadpan expression on their vacant faces, call themselves lovers and defenders of truth, justice and brotherhood; and above all fighters for democracy –the best system of control (their control to be more precise). Even pimps and thieves have rules, unwritten but respected by them. Not so the Trv.

However, as far as can be checked it seems that the Korean leader does not suffer from the Nikita syndrome –there has been no deal. The United States is asking Korea to denuclearize itself completely in exchange for withdrawing some of the sanctions that the US has imposed on it. There is a golden law that nobody pays much attention to –everything a country yields to the triumvirate is what the latter has gained and what the former has lost. The new situation created in this way will take the now much-weakened victim back to the pre-negotiation status quo.

Once Korea has dismantled its entire nuclear arsenal, what is it supposed to do in the almost certain event of the United States re-imposing sanctions and instigating their southern brothers to pounce upon them? There would be no time for rearmament and even if North Korea did manage to start a new nuclear program, they would be immediately attacked for violating the agreements already violated by the US and their South Korean allies. There can be no agreement with the United States because even if they dismantled their bases in South Korea, they could, at any time and in no time at all, mount them again in face of a disarmed and defenseless North Korea. On the other hand, as everybody knows, the USA has no state policy. Should an agreement be reached and all the US bases in South Korea dismantled, the next president could easily nullify any agreements reached before him and set up even more bases as a final threat to the North –this is what happened with the US agreements with Iran. The only possible deal with the United States is no-deal.

Is there anything else that the new emerging bloc needs to know? Is there any reason to wait and not to set up strong military bases in Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia; in Kashmir and Iraq?

Putin has just accepted Netanyahu’s invitation to Jerusalem to inaugurate there the monument in memory of the fallen in the siege of Leningrad during the Second World
War, and Putin promised he would go. This is not where Putin should go. This is not the monument he should inaugurate. He should first inaugurate the one in memory of the fallen in the siege of Palestine.

You cannot play in both teams without paying the expensive consequences that, inevitably, derive from it.


If Maduro falls, with him will fall the prestige and reliability of the new emerging bloc, Russia and China included.

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