The first Swedes – Archeologists have a new toy; It’s called DNA technology

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The above photo was used in an ad for a documentary about “The first Swedes” which has just started (18 February 2019) to air on the Swedish state owned TV channel. The documentary will comment on the findings of DNA technology which affirm that the first inhabitants in the country after the Ice Age (about 10,000 years ago) were dark-skinned and blue-eyed, and that they came from the south. Another population wave, according to these findings, who had pale skin and a variety of eye and hair colours arrived around the same time from the east. According to the documentary the two peoples would have mixed fairly quickly, and Nordic people eventually became lighter skinned, which allowed them to increase vitamin D production to survive in the dark winters.

As usual, Twitter users are divided in their opinions. Some understand that the documentary is a sort of conspiracy aimed at making people more open to immigration, sort of “you see, we’re all migrants; what does it matter whether we came here before or after the Ice Age”. Others maintain that both the picture and the rants against it are stupid and ignorant. Darry Cockaday responds: “Not as ignorant as those who stick their heads in the sand whilst allowing history, culture and heritage to be falsely rewritten to fit some global agenda. Our children’s children will be educated on lies!”  Yet others point to the sheer impossibility of the Vikings looking African and strongly object to such notions being promulgated on the state owned TV channel. Some ask rhetorical questions, such as: “So you really think the first Swedes were Vikings? Really!?” Then there are those who try to stay calm: “I looked for images from the show ‘The First Swedes’, and the first results were literally Nazi sites ranting about how mad they were that it depicted (accurately, I should say) the first Swedes as blue eyed, black-haired, and dark-skinned.”

Mattias Jakobsson, a professor of genetics at Uppsala University and a researcher of the Atlas project, which aims to map the genome of Sweden’s early population, stressed that unlike present-day Swedes, their ancestors had dark skin as a legacy of their African origin. “They looked much the same as the people living at that time in today’s Luxembourg, Spain and Germany. Their look would be quite unusual today, blue eyes with dark skin. Shortly after their arrival, they blended with people from today’s Russia, who brought along a more modern technique for manufacturing tools and arrowheads. The new population group lived off seal hunting and fishing and had a lighter skin colour, which made it easier to absorb vitamin D in northern latitudes. Over the subsequent centuries, the two groups effectively melted together, producing some of Europe’s most diverse populations at that time.”

The SVT documentary affirms that “immigration” did not stop there. About 6,000 years ago Sweden would again welcome new arrivals –people from present-day Turkey and Syria, bringing with them agricultural knowledge and farming, pushing the original population farther north.

Unsurprisingly, the documentary triggered strong reaction on many other social media, with many Swedes accusing SVT of deliberate propaganda aimed at whitewashing the present-day mass immigration with tales of diversity; the same uproar as caused by the Cheddar Man –the first inhabitant of Britain. In both cases the reaction of the public is significant and curious at the same time. The general public of whichever European nationality do not find any difficulty in accepting monkeys and apes as their ancestors, but raise hell when told that their forefathers who lived 10,000 years ago were dark skinned and dark haired. Isn’t that an outstanding example of a profound existential incongruence! It wouldn’t be of much consequence were it not for the fact that existential incongruence leads to existentially unhinged societies, and that is something serious.

We don’t live in Sweden and have not seen the documentary. Our information comes from the media. Judging by what has reached us, it is a good example of the mess modern science is in. Interestingly, technology is making this mess bigger, which is exactly the opposite of what was expected of it, especially of the worldwide and hugely expensive investigations of our DNA. It was expected that those investigations would confirm the existing theories of man’s origin and would clarify everything once and for all with scientific certainty. What actually happened is exactly the opposite. They added more confusion to the already existing confusion. For a long time science maintained that groups of Vikings sailed from Scandinavia to what is present-day Russia and settled down there, thus they were considered the ancestors of the modern Russian population. It was even maintained that it was them who gave Russia its name. Now, apparently, it turns out that it was the other way round. So what’s going on?

As far as we could understand the facts are as follows, according to the series:

The original Swedish population was of African origin, dark skinned, dark haired and blue eyed, exactly as the British Cheddar Man; the same kind of people would be found in present-day Spain, Germany and Luxemburg.

Soon after them, another wave of population arrived from present-day Russia (what they looked like remains largely unspecified), who brought new techniques with them. They were hunters and fishermen. Quite naturally both populations mixed and in due time became light skinned. What they did in order to survive the dark winters while in the process of adapting to them remains unmentioned. Nor is it clarified how long it would have taken to transition from the looks of the guy in the photo above to the looks of the late Olaf Palme.

Finally (about 6,000 years ago), yet another population arrived from present-day Turkey and Syria. Those people brought farming, agricultural knowledge and other skills with them.

sue 2

The DNA technology, as you can see, has turned science upside down and it will remain in this position if it continues on the present track. In the first place, why would anyone living in present-day Africa or Russia 10,000 years ago want to go to Sweden, we are talking about travelling thousands of kilometres? How would they at all know there was Sweden? How would they have accomplished such a feat? How long would it take them? How many generations would have to keep going in the same direction, maintaining the same desire and objective, with no maps or knowledge about where they were going? What prevented them, generation after generation, from settling down somewhere in the vast territory which lies between Africa or Russia and Sweden and which they were in the process of crossing? How many would have undertaken such a journey and how many of them would have arrived? More questions than answers, as you can see. And let’s not mention the transition from dark skin to white, and very white, skin. How long would that have taken? How can we know that present-day Sweden was characterized by “dark winters”? Yes, science says so, but that would not be the first nor the last time science is mistaken.

The whole idea of “emigration” from Africa or Russia should be discarded as extravagant and unreasonable. No human group at that time would have undertaken such a venture. First human communities moved in a given territory within a 20-km or so radius. Even today nobody just packs up and goes. You pack up in order to go to a particular place, whose existence is known to you, and you go there by a specific means of transport. Not even animals or birds commit such irrational acts. You might say that there are the so called migrant birds but the very name is actually wrong because those birds don’t emigrate. They just follow a specific circuit, the same one year in year out, at the end of which they return to the starting point. The same goes for humans. The so called nomad tribes follow concrete circuits, always the same, and come back, when the cycle is completed, to the starting point. No animals, no humans move to distant unknown places. When we considered isolated tribes still living as they did thousands of years ago, such as the Sentinelese in the Bay of Bengal in India, we see that their territory has a 30-km radius more or less, with a river no more than 20 metres wide as one of its boundaries, but they will never cross it because beyond it lies an unknown land. Tell this tribe to make canoes, pack up, and sail to the continent of India. In case they could understand you, they would simply laugh at you and show you their backs. The problem with the theories presented by documentaries of this kind is that their starting point, the evolution, is already erroneous, and thus everything that follows must be likewise erroneous. Yet, the evolution must be accepted as the starting point because the idea of a creator is unbearable to the modern man and his “scientific” method.

So what happened and how?

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The image reproduced above illustrates the myth of creation according to the Maya book, Popol Voh. The description we find there corresponds almost literally with the bashar-insan process as described in the Qur-an. Needless to say, Popol Voh is not the only pre-quranic transmission we have at our disposal. In other words, mankind has always known its origins and in spite of all ups and downs this knowledge has reached us and is confirmed by the Qur-an. In the illustration above the Earth is represented by two dragons, which are allegorical representations of volcanoes that will shape the different terrestrial layers and give them their characteristics. All living beings (in fact, their seeds), are inside the earth. In the upper part, the tongues of the two dragons come together, marking an opening through which the first generation of all creatures, plants, animals and human beings, will come out. Thus, the correct answer to the question “What was first, the egg or the hen?” is “It was the seed”.

(17) Allah has produced you from the earth in the same way as He produced plants.
Qur-an 71 – Nuh

sue 4

The bashar (“human being” in Arabic) of both sexes, started to grow at a given time under the ground, in the earth, after their seeds had been fertilized with a special kind of water –or rain (parthenogenesis), and then, when the growth was completed, they emerged from there onto the surface. Later on, reproduction was sexual. Thus, the first generation of human beings did not originate from a father and a mother but from a mother only.

(1) O people –nas! Fear your Lord, Who created you from a single nafs (living entity, stem cell), from which he created its mate, producing from there a multitude of men and women.
Qur-an 4 – An Nisa

The same goes for plants and animals; each species and group emerging prior to mankind at a given place and time from their seeds, fertilized by the kind of “rain” required for this to happen. Those seeds were disseminated all over the Earth and thus there was no need or reason for men to “migrate” anywhere –all living creatures had the Earth as their common mother, and to her they remain strongly attached. In due course, the first human beings, who had no knowledge of fire or textile production, were “upgraded” somewhere in Arabia, in the mountains of Sarat, present-day Yemen. A new being called insan was thus generated. Thus, the insan originated at a centre especially chosen for this purpose, while the bashar had no centre. We should bear in mind that the final purpose of creation was to produce a being capable of communicating with their Creator and of understanding fully His greatness and mercy. For this to happen this being had to be endowed with two characteristics, unique to them –consciousness and conceptual language. We can find descriptions of this process in all traditions, disguised as failure and success in their corresponding myths of creation.

The appearance of insan marks the beginning of human history and civilization. Its peak was reached in the time of Sulayman (Solomon) and Daud (David), usually presented as outstanding kings and rulers, but in fact great prophets and guides for mankind. They were granted the knowledge of everything man was in need of –from sailing to metallurgical operations, and it was Sulayman who took this knowledge all around the world. Above all, he was granted the power to control and direct the winds. This faculty allowed him and his hosts to travel around the world, reaching faraway places in a few days. Thus the insan, from its centre spread all over the world and in many cases interacted, inclusive sexually, with the bashar, producing three genetic lines –bashar (eventually extinguished), insan (prophetic families) and bashar-insan (the vast majority of modern human population).

Not only highly specialized craftsmen and builders worked for Sulayman. He had under his control and working on his orders the jinn (genies), very special creatures with capacities and strength by far surpassing those of men.

(12) To Sulayman We submitted the wind. The distance it covered in one morning was equal to that it covered before in a month. And the distance it covered in one afternoon was equal to that it covered before in a month. And We made a font of molten brass to flow for him. And there were the jinn who worked for him by the leave of his Lord. And if any of them turned aside from Our Command, we made him taste the chastisement of the blazing Fire (sair). (13) They worked for him as he desired –making imposing terraced structures, images, basons as large as wells, and cauldrons fixed in their places.
Qur-an 34 –  Saba

Therefore, surprising achievements such as the pyramids found in many parts of the world; the gigantic geoglyphs in Peru; ancient cave paintings found in surprisingly inaccessible places (which in no way can be explained by the “artistic” bent of the “Neanderthal” people); the Easter Island statues and many other unexplained and inexplicable finds we owe to Sulayman’s men and especially the jinn. Interestingly, archeologists, historians and astrophysicists who disregard creation theories as un-scientific don’t object when in face of the impossibility of finding explanation it is assumed that all the wonders we have mentioned here were the achievements of extraterrestrial creatures.

The time of Sulayman, however, came to an end and the collapse that followed must have been apocalyptical.  After that, the last chapter of man’s history began, in which we (still) live.

Thus, there were no “migrations” from Africa to Sweden and to the rest of the world. Every place had its native population of the bashar, except, precisely, places such as Sweden, with particularly unfavourable weather conditions all year round. Thus, the bashar developed from their seeds in parts of India and China, in the Middle East, South Europe and some parts of Africa and they were modified, so to speak, by Sulayman’s repeated expeditions –mentioned in the documentary as people from Turkey and Syria who arrived 6,000 years ago. Actually, saying those people came from Turkey and Syria is still a half-truth. They should be defined as Sulayman’s people, and those included people from Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, India, China and Greece since Sulayman had four centres of government: Babylon, the ancient Egypt, India and Greece. From there, he and his people took to the rest of the world not only the knowledge of farming, but of practically everything: metallurgy, cattle-breeding, textile production, shipbuilding and navigation skills among many others. Some members of those expeditions would often stay in a given place for good. Even if they all moved on, there was definitely “miscegenation”. Hence, the different human types, not races. (Why are some islands in the middle of the Pacific called Solomon Islands? –official explanations make every effort to cover up the truth, which their discoverer, Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira, must have heard first-hand from native inhabitants, and thus alluding to “mistakes” is dishonest.)

Darry Cockaday is worried about his children’s future children being educated on lies, and his country’s culture and heritage being falsely rewritten. Clearly, it has never occurred to him that such might always have been his own case. What if he himself has been educated on lies and forged heritage? Has he ever taken any trouble to investigate on his own any of the issues mentioned above? We have strong reasons to believe that his “education” about Vikings, for example, comes exclusively from Hollywood movies. What if all that was a lie? What if everything else was? Who killed Olaf Palme?

Might we suggest that the researchers working on the Atlas project use the technology at their disposal to find answers to our questions as mentioned in this article, helping in this way Darry Cockaday to realize that given present-day migratory waves, ironically similar to those in the past, his history and heritage may not have begun with the Vikings nor end with the Swedish.

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