The US is in Need of Urgent Humanitarian Aid

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help usa 2In her recent visit to Moscow Delcy Rodríguez, the Vice-President of Venezuela, made the following comment during her press conference: “The countries from the so-called Lima Group have actually made fools of themselves while supporting the delivery of the so-called humanitarian aid to Venezuela sent by the USA, when it is their own countries that are in dire need of receiving such aid, at least vast sectors of their societies.”

Of course she was right. Interestingly, for the past month, since the onset of the USA attempt at government overthrow in Venezuela, the topic of south-American caravans trying to reach the US-Mexico border has quite miraculously disappeared from the US news. How true it is that corporate media always know who they should talk about and in what terms and who should be made to disappear from their programmes. We have in this an excellent example of the wisdom of the ancients, who used to say “he who pays the piper chooses the tune” and a picture-perfect illustration of the reality of the “free” and “independent” mass media.

As we all know, because president Trump has mentioned it at least one thousand times, caravan members were drug addicts, traffickers of all kinds and sorts, criminals, gangsters, people suffering from AIDS, not to mention the abominable jihadists or agents (undercover, of course) of the enemy intelligence services (as established by the power couple FBI-CIA and their offspring too numerous to mention; yes, the same people who said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction). Doesn’t the above sound like an appalling humanitarian crisis? Why did the president and his team never consider sending some aid (let’s say 2-3 billion) over there? Why building the wall, which hasn’t been built, was the only solution that occurred to them? Why didn’t he send tons and tons not only of humanitarian aid, but also of volunteers, advisors with orders to solve those countries’ problems, aided by several TV crews falling one over another in an effort to transmit the whole thing to the whole world?  In fact, exactly the same goes for the team’s own country, in which huge sectors live below the poverty level in neighborhoods where not even the police enter; or else are homeless.

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Aren’t these places more in need of humanitarian aid then Venezuela? Better take care of your own people.

You have probably never heard of Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, US lawyer, writer, historian, expert in the field of human rights and international law and retired high-ranking United Nations official of Cuban origin. Since 2012, he has been the UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order. You might find of interest some of his tweets:

“Juan Guaido would be well advised to watch his back. Saddam Hussein used to be a faithful allay of the US and Donald Rumsfeld. Yet, the moment he stepped out of line, he was eliminated.”

“The mainstream media manufactures consent by making the corporate agenda palatable and scattering red herrings so that we don’t see the real priorities such as peace and social justice.”

“Human rights are well formulated in the sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:1-9), especially the blessing upon all peace-makers.”

help usa 3.pngHe was actually sent by the UN to Venezuela in 2017 to assess the situation there, the first UN envoy entrusted with such a task in 21 years. In the interviews he gave afterward and in the 13 informs sent to the UN Council of Human Rights he clearly states that if we are to call the situation in Gaza, Yemen, Syria, Sudan or Somalia a humanitarian crisis, which it is, nothing of the sort can be said of Venezuela. He did not find any evidence of it while on his mission there. What he says is that we are dealing there with the mechanism of weaponization of human rights and the rule of law. In other words, the USA uses human rights and the rule of law as weapons to destroy human rights and the rule of law. Another name for it could be “economic warfare”. It’s true, he says, that there is economic crisis caused especially by the fall in oil prices. However, a country as rich as Venezuela could easily overcome this kind of difficulties were it not for the fact that apart from sanctions the Venezuelan government has suffered financial blockade for over two years. In general terms –banks, Citibank among them, have been closing the accounts of the Venezuelan government and of Petroleum of Venezuela (PDVSA).

comillasSome other examples of financial blockade…

Some other examples of financial blockade he gives need to be quoted here:

-July 2017: Citibank without previous notice blocked the account of the Central Bank of Venezuela
-November 2017: Citibank blocked the transfer for a shipment of more than 300,000 doses of insulin
-November 2017: the company Euroclear retained 1.65 bln dollars that the Venezuelan government paid for the purchase of food and medicine
-Citgo, the Venezuelan state company based in the USA, subsidiary of PDVSA, has not been able to transfer its profits outside the US (around 9-10 bln dollars have been retained in this way)
-Wells Fargo Bank withheld and cancelled the payment of 7.5 mln dollars to Brazil for the sale of electricity
-May 2018: Venezuelan Minister of People’s Power informed that financial transaction amounting to 7.5 mln dollars in concept of dialysis equipment and supplies had been blocked

Everybody knows that the USA froze Venezuelan assets of 1.2 bln dollars first, and then opened them to Guaido. Furthermore, Bank of England refused to return 2 bln dollars worth of Venezuelan gold. As Alfredo de Zayas rightly points out there is personal criminal liability implied here as such actions are directly connected to the increase in infant and maternal mortality and health problems in general. According to him, there is enough evidence to present the corresponding accusations before the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice. De Zayas told The Independent (26 January 2019):

“When I come and I say the emigration is partly attributable to the economic war waged against Venezuela and is partly attributable to the sanctions, people don’t like to hear that. They just want the simple narrative that socialism failed and it failed the Venezuelan people. When I came back [the UN and media were] not interested. Because I am not singing the song I’m supposed to sing so I don’t exist… And my report, as I said, was formally presented but there has been no debate on the report. It has been filed away.”

Western governments are prepared to go to all and any lengths necessary to prove that socialism is a failure, with full complicity of corporate mainstream media –the CNN, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, The Economist, The Financial Times –to name some of them. The impression they give and the message they transmit is that the whole wide world is with them and right behind them. That is not true, unless you consider the USA and its western allies to be the whole world. In their analysis Africa does not exist (51 countries support Maduro, only Morocco supports Guaido). In their analysis Asia/Oceania does not exist (only Australia supports Guaido). In their analysis the Middle East does not exist (only Israel supports Guaido). In their analysis even the Americas/Caribbean does not exist (19 countries support Maduro). Even in Europe the support for Guaido is not certain at all –Italy, Greece, Norway, Switzerland, the Vatican support Maduro. And why, one might ask, were 2,000 pro-Venezuelan accounts deleted from Facebook and Twitter overnight?

There is as much humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as there was in Libya and Iraq, as there was in Syria, invaded and all but razed to the ground by the “humanitarian” West, thirsty for other people’s wealth. Nobody shed a tear when people were really dying in Venezuela in the 80s and the 90s because the government at the time was much to the USA liking. Nobody is worried about the people who may die during the intervention, as nobody is worried about the millions killed in Libya and the Middle East.

Only a few days ago we sent John Bolton a comment in response to one of his tweets, encouraging him to look for a nice sandy beach in some faraway galaxy for his retirement. However, we may have been mistaken. He and the administration he represents should perhaps first visit a shrink, or else a shaman who could try to undo the spell cast on them by some demon and which makes them act and think as they do.

Alfred de Zayas said: “Modern-day economic sanctions and blockades are comparable with medieval sieges of towns.” We hope someone very soon will throw down on the Washington DC team barrels and buckets, and more barrels and buckets, of boiling water; and someone other up on the battlements push back the ladder they are climbing in order to scale over the city walls.

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