Anything Goes: The Jewish Can Be Ethnic, Religious, Orthodox, Heterodox, Reformist, Left or Right…

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Open letter to Ben Shapiro.

National Review published (November 27, 2018) an article by Ben Shapiro under the title “The Real-World Consequences of Submitting to the Transgender Zeitgeist”, in which he analyzes the difficulties to which a society may get exposed when that society accepts and cultivates the disorder called gender dysphoria. He illustrates his point of view with the story of events which took place at a female-only gymnasium, in which a man who felt he was a woman claimed his right to use the facilities. The author affirms that the most pressing consequences of making the transition to the other gender could be manifested in “rewriting commercial operations, school curricula, bases for medical treatment, rules of censorship and even custody of children.” The basic question here, according to him, is: “Can subjective perception triumph over objective observation?” In other words, is it enough for a man to say that he is a woman to be legally and socially accepted, and treated as such?” Both the theme of the article and the style of the author lead us to approach Ben Shapiro openly:

Hello Ben! Are you there?

We are not going to beat around the bush –we are totally in agreement with your views on the problem of gender dysphoria and its consequences. The fact that someone thinks he is Napoleon and insists on being treated as an emperor does not necessarily need to fool everyone; nor does it mean that people should express their profound sympathy and say: “Of course! Get yourself the Napoleonic reassignment treatment, since it is Napoleon that nests deep in your deepest being, and you will look and feel just great when he gets out!” Shouldn’t we try to convince such an individual that he is completely wrong and in case we fail, ask a professional therapist for help? Nobody in their right mind would put up with living and dealing with Napoleon of this type on a daily basis.

As you seem to point out, there is no gender assignment, and therefore there can be no gender re-assignment, since gender is biological; that is, based on objective observation of doctors or midwives present at birth, not to mention daily observation of the child’s parents. In cases in which biological sex is ambiguous at birth or later, we will have to refer to pathologies, and that is another story. You also point out, quite rightly, that the repercussions of this particular dysphoria for social relationships and their interactions are countless and must be taken into account.

As you probably know, a doctor named Harry Benjamin created in 1978 an interdisciplinary professional association with a view to improve the understanding of gender identities and standardizing the treatment of transgender and transgender people. He called it the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. In 1979 (he didn’t lose time, did he) the Association published the first standards for the treatment of gender dysphoria, called “The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders.” In this way, instead of helping people get out of their gender schizophrenia by getting rid of their problem, they were told how to make the transition to the opposite sex and were offered clinical help. Soon enough an army of activists emerged who insisted that this particular health issue should not be called “disorder” and much less “dysphoria”, but rather “dissatisfaction”. (We wonder what standards for treatment could be offered to someone dissatisfied with his economic situation, for example.) In 2007 the association officially changed its name (Benjamin died in 1987) to The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) in an effort to divert attention from transgenderism being a mental illness and to promote health and well-being (!) Right now, countless confused individuals, most of them teenagers and even children, have begun or are about to begin the transition to the opposite sex (in search of “health and well-being” according to WPATH), even if it is without the consent of their parents. We have reached the point when this deplorable phenomenon could be described as mania or outrageous fashion, if it were not for the fact that for many families it has become a real tragedy, both individual and social, since there is no way a man can become a woman nor a woman become a man. And yet, some are overjoyed. A considerable and growing number of dishonest and corrupt professionals have been gladly and willingly promoting this state of affairs, lining their pockets in the process. What was initially presented as the fight for gay rights has now turned into an all-out war for the extravagances of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, doubtful, pan-sexual, binary, androgynous and asexual, GLBTDPBAA for short (looks like a sorcerer’s spell, doesn’t it).

However, in view of the above, which is something even more serious than the transgression that caused Allah’s wrath in the time of Lut (Lot), you clearly choose to ignore the causes that lie at its root. Far from taking the bull by the horns, you simply dedicate yourself to mentioning the symptoms without the slightest effort at identifying the disease. This attitude may be due to the influence your congregation has on you, or it might simply be caused by the fact that there are conditions for one to be published, and as you must very well know the rule “publish or perish” is not dead. This attitude can help you earn a good living, but it will not help the society in which you live to alleviate those anomalies or identify the background of the problem. And the background of the problem is this:


Dance Around the Golden Calf, Emil Nolde, 1910.

You begin your article by saying that you belong to an Orthodox Jewish congregation and that the story of an all-female gym at which a man claiming to be a woman wished to exercise you heard at your synagogue. As an Orthodox Jew, you should have been more explicit about the issue at hand, stating clearly that transgenderism clashes violently with the beliefs of an Orthodox Jew, any Orthodox Jew, and therefore must be rejected, denounced and prosecuted. And so should that other common dysphoria, already accepted and celebrated in the most orthodox quarters, namely, homosexuality:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Do not defile yourselves with any of these things for by all these the nations are defiled, which I am casting out before you.” (Leviticus 18, verses 22, 24)

The above quote has brought us to the very heart of the matter: the sway with which the Jewish communities and their political leaders have been moving, acting, and above all thinking. The Bible is not a source acceptable to any international organization for any sort of deliberation. Yet, the state of Israel was established where it was established on the basis of the information provided by the Bible. Consequently, one would expect that the Bible is, after all, an acceptable source of information and guidance at the level of international and social relations. But is it after all? Well, yes and no –hence the sway and the denominations Orthodox/Reformist, although The Guardian, as we shall presently see, uses different terms. As everybody knows Hollywood, for example, overwhelmingly Jewish, at least at the decision-making level, staunchly promotes values which have nothing to do with the Bible (see the quote above), and so does the New York establishment. And what about Germany? Allow us to quote The Guardian, 7 October 2018:

The German far-right party Alternative für Deutschland has provoked an outcry by launching what it called a Jewish group within its ranks that it says will battle against the mass immigration of Muslim men who hold antisemitic views. The party said a group of 19 had formed “Jews in the AfD”, and that anyone joining had to be a card-carrying member of the party who was either ethnically or religiously Jewish. The move drew a backlash from Germany’s Jewish community, which called the AfD a racist and antisemitic party. About 250 people, many from Jewish organizations, held a protest in Frankfurt on Sunday against the new group.

One would expect that this group of 19 could easily fit in any of the other numerous organizations, lobbies or associations available in Germany in order to battle for what they think is right. But no, they choose to go far-right. Isn’t that a mess? Not at all. It´s a play on being either “ethnically or religiously” Jewish, but Jewish after all. One simple move covers all wings –far-right, far-left, and, obviously, the centre. The 250 Jewish protesters –just a smoke screen. They’ll come to their senses soon enough; might even join it (and wait and see –they, the new members, will be in control of the AfD in time for the next elections).


Jewish organizations in Frankfurt protest against AfD’s announcement. “The AfD is not kosher”, their banners declare.

Thus, it is the Jewish who for millennia have been trying to organize human societies in a way that would allow for anomalies to become the norm –be it from the left or from the right, both can be useful if under control.

The prevailing ambiguity you use in your article reflects the same attitude –the attitude of someone who runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds. In fact, it is an attempt to placate both sides: that of your religious congregation and that of ethnical “reformers” who have never set foot in a synagogue, but who live off their Jewish identity. If such is the case, as it probably is, it could mean that you are all sailing in the same boat, baptized before it set off with the euphemistic name of the United States of America and running on the fuel the owners of the ship buy with your tax money.

Bear in mind that “America” ​​was not “discovered”; it was always known that it existed. It just got lost from the collective memory. One day, the Jewish elite who had kept it in the pile of memories stored in the “ark”, decided to look for it, and the reason for the enterprise was their innate need and desire to adore the golden calf. Old Europe had become too small for their outrageous plans. Not only had it become too small but also too provincial, too narrow, too fanatical, too parochial, too conservative, too orthodox… they dreamt about a new start; were ready to turn the page –in a new book without a past, without a history; absolute freedom –freedom of people with no memory; paradise on Earth. In other words, a world without limitations; with no other laws than those they themselves made, the necessary ones to keep the thing running but with no influence on their lives or pursuits.

We are talking about the times illustrated by Nolde: times without prophets; without boring speeches; without reprimands; without commandments; without sharia; a time of rebellion, of idol worship and debauchery. That’s how the New World, the world in which you live, was born. Not everyone realizes that the real Jerusalem is the one installed at Manhattan and Hollywood, fifty fifty, and whether you like it or not, there is nothing in between, and if there is, it doesn’t count. Therefore, neither Woody Allen nor the Rothschilds or any of the relevant Hollywood producers have ever considered moving to Israel. What for? They already live in the true and the real Israel, the one they simply adore, where every day celebrations are held in honor of the calf; and it is you, the Jewish of whichever denomination, who have carried the calf in procession all over the world, and all over the world you have left its tin replica.

In fact, everything boils down to the perverse belief in the idea that it is possible to build Paradise here on Earth. We have grounds to believe that most Jewish people, whether ethnical or religious, believe it is possible. And what is paradise but a place where you do what your desires and fancies dictate? But doing what you want and blindly following your subjectivity always implies corruption and lack of scruples. If, however, corruption and lack of scruples make money, they are to be promoted and sanctified, and then exported to the whole world in order to make more money. For this to work the process must be protected from anyone who tries to denounce it, such a one will be labelled fanatic or fundamentalist –Muslim. Hollywood as well as media and all social platforms will be in charge of stigmatizing such people with all means at their disposal. That’s why you do not dare to denounce transgenderism (or homosexuality for that matter), and thus you talk at length but evade the point.

We quote from your article: “Twitter announced this week that it will seek a way to prohibit the use of this platform by those who use the previous name and gender of transgenders.” A good example of activists hard at work. Such a crime cannot be tolerated! Result –they force you to respect people’s subjective self-definitions on pain of excluding you from their platform. In other words, they grant 15-year-olds the right to be subjective and, at the same time, deprive adults of that same privilege. It all started with concessions to gays, and from there we have now moved on to the rights of the GLBTDPBAA. And the thing is not going to stop there, because once the door is open, control of what slips in through it becomes impossible. And the really bad news is that there is no such thing as “going too far”.

In the spring of 2016, we were reading about a British mother who admitted that she was having an incestuous relationship with her biological son, whom she´d had at a very young age, as a student, and then gave him up for adoption. The GLBTDPBAA activists defended mother and son tooth and nail, and spoke of “genetic sexual attraction”, GSA for short and in line with the acronym zeitgeist.


When their children grow up, the GLBTDPBAA anomalies will have become the new normality.

The last thing we heard was that Ben, 32, left his wife and moved in with his 52-year-old mother to Michigan, where they hope to get married and start a family. The whole story might have been a hoax, but also a check-up on how the winds are blowing because sooner or later it’s going to happen. And why not, after all? Those two are being subjective, following their feelings, aren’t they?  The ultimate argument being: who are you to tell people what to do with their lives? It is no longer about the rights for these or those dysphorics. It is about changing the creation of Allah and replacing it with the one the calf worshipers have been designing over millennia.

The impetus to be one (or more, why not) of the GLBTDPBAA letters is another proof of man’s impossibility to be objective. At the current rate, in 20 years’ time, when you are ready to present your candidacy for the presidency, most people, at least in your country, will be GLBTDPBAA (providing humanity still exists). Can a society of this kind survive? Obviously, not. What is to be done then?

Since man can only be subjective and since reason can justify any kind of aberration, we face an urgent need to draw from the spring of objectivity. And there is only one source of objectivity, and we mean ONE: that of our Creator. Only He can discriminate between what is right and what is wrong, as well as teach us the way to succeed in the Hereafter, which is the only success worth fighting for. Therefore, it would benefit you immensely to read carefully the following quote and reflect on your true beliefs.

(11) When it is said to them: “Do not sow corruption on Earth,” they answer: “We are the ones that make peace and set things right.” (12) Aren’t they the true corruptors, even though they are unaware of it? (13) And when it is said to them: “Believe as people (nas) believe,” they say: “Are we supposed to believe as the foolish ones do?” Aren’t they the truly foolish ones, even though they are unaware of it? (14) When they meet those who believe, they declare: “We believe,” but when they are alone with their shayatin, they say: “Of course we are with you.  We were only jesting.” (15) Allah will throw back their mockery on them, and give them the rope in their trespasses so that they will wander to and fro like the blind.
Qur-an 2 – al Baqarah

As you see, we have CHOSEN to be orthodox human beings –nas; and, therefore, we follow the instructions of the Creator, and His last instruction is in the Qur-an. There will be no other. Following it is the only way to adhere to objectivity. No other subterfuge will work.

Do not sell the signs of Allah at a low price. Speak the truth or keep quiet, but do not use it to promote ambiguous interpretations of reality. Reflect on your true beliefs and make sure you do not deserve Hell –before death takes hold of your throat, which can be any time from now.

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