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It’s time to go back, and it’s urgent. It’s urgent that we return to the origin, to the beginning of the path we abandoned a long time ago and to which it is increasingly difficult to return for the man of today, so astray from it.

We have been fooled by false signals and have followed routes that did not lead anywhere… dead-end roads. We have been entertained; we have wasted our time. We can see now how our life, future and history end… everything is falling into a pond of stagnant water, on the surface of which we can only see some old images with no meaning at all. It’s the inevitable end, the great farewell party that only death will attend; death and us; our death, our end.

It was inevitable. We knew it from almost the very day we were born. We knew that nothing endures, nothing here is meant to last. Its transience is part of its essence, of its transitory nature. However, we always had the feeling that this inescapable reality did not concern us or our immortality. All the anomalies, such as death, incurable disease, failure, aging… were incumbent only on others, on the miserable others, born with the sole purpose of suffering all those existential irregularities, extolling in this way the difference that separates them from us –we are the chosen, although we do not believe that there is a Chooser.

We thought that belief, any belief, made us weak. We felt it as an unnecessary burden. We were young, vigorous, unable to imagine a time when we could cease to exist. This time has come and we have no other baggage for such a peculiar and intriguing journey than a few doubts planted in a scenario of desolation.

The voices that encouraged us to be free, rebellious, vicious and cruel gods have been silenced; everything is still. We are alone and naked as the day we were born, but with the memory full of embarrassing scenes. We drank and danced while we laughed at the Chooser. We never thought the party would end. The party, today, is over. How could we have been fooled in such a childish, obvious way? That´s how it goes, and everything seems now inevitable.

However, there are causes that we should not elude. We should visualize them as they were clearly manifested in the events that were part of our script. We cannot, at least before closing our eyes for the last time, seal our consciousness and maintain it disconnected so as not to see the film in which we have had the main part.

More than once we thought: “Damn conscience! Let me disconnect all the circuits, all the systems and interactions. Let’s go back to the placid womb of ignorance. Let’s repose in it for a time. Why not make it our eternal abode?”

We hate conscience, cold and objective. We desire it, it’s true, but how we hate it. It is the sign of our superiority and, at the same time, the incorruptible witness who will give us away without mercy having any chance of interfering.

It could have been otherwise. Is there any time left? Could the gay science send us back to the matrix? To the time when we breathed in the primordial waters that annulled sounds? Could we return to that silence and discard any attempt at happiness?

Everything has its inescapable ending. We knew it while we danced with death and we proposed to rebel against its destiny to devour time. All in vain. No other flavour is left in our mouths than the bitter taste of an unexpected and terrifying awakening. Is it possible that there is no return? Is it possible that I should be one of the condemned, of those who will never see the light again? Is it a nightmare? Are we all dreaming? Is it a collective error? We know the answers. It is the awakening announced… inevitable.

I’m swimming among laughs. Is it that nobody else has turned on consciousness? Among obscenities. Don’t they see we are heading to the ocean of oblivion? Among blasphemous allusions soaked in alcohol and liqueurs prepared by Satan himself.

comillasIsn’t it time to go back?

Isn’t it time to go back? They’re still lamenting –it was so pleasant to flow with the current of the majority, of that majority who is always right, who always chooses the best path. Where have their roads taken you? Where have they hidden the arguments that you could use today against the Balance?

Will it be necessary, then, to go alone against the current? Exhausted, abandoned and cast out, the repentant man, the hero despised by the world of the majority, by the world of technocratic shamans, of priests and oracles… goes to the rock which emanates the water of life and knowledge… of triumph. This is the great victory.

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