About the man of today

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The movie is almost over and it does not look like there will be a happy ending for most human beings, who only become relevant when it comes to voting.

We live in a time with no precedent in history, in which corruption prevails everywhere, the fact which does not seem to matter to anyone.

In ordinary circumstances, a mother would worry about a gust of wind that could potentially harm the health of her child. Now, however, she does not care about the fact that the child takes drugs, fornicates extensively or has AIDS. On top of that, she hates being a mother. She’d much rather live without other objective or meaning in life than that of satisfying her desires; any desires, at any price.

comillasThe shaytan (satan) is these days at the peak of his career…

The shaytan (satan) is these days at the peak of his career. He himself is actually amazed at how easy it has been. He goes out onto the stage and all smiles he waves to the cheering audience. He feels he is the winner: “I was so right when I denigrated the human being and rejected their existence as the ultimate goal of creation. Look at them! There they are, crawling in their own vomit, licking their brothers’ blood; ignorant, rebellious and insolent.”

However, there is another scenario in which believers justify the “human being” project. Not everyone has been cheated –only those who from the beginning were meant to be the fuel of the eternal fire. They revel in all things evil and in them they take root. That was the plan. It’s not you, Iblis. You are not, but one more element of the existential plot.

Not a single soul has evil snatched away from good. The end has been sealed at the very beginning. The believer contemplates the hell in which the man of today lives, between despair and desire, in the same way he will contemplate it in the Hereafter. Each one of us has developed their existential program following the causes that have led us to the final destination. It was inevitable… and fair.

Do we not see clearly how the man of today himself condemns himself? Does he not burst out laughing when the fire patiently awaiting the faithless is mentioned?

One cold night when they were all sitting around a fire, the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s) said to his companions: “Observe how moths fall into the fire. I grab men by their belts, but they insist on throwing themselves into the flames.” It’s the inevitability of the script.

Can we change any of the paragraphs of the existential plot? Can we introduce a variant? It might be possible… still.

Sometimes in the Qur-an we can see a detail scene of today’s life:

(51) One of them will say: “I had an intimate companion (52) who used to say: “Do you really believe? (53) Shall we be called to account when we are dead, turned into dust and bones ?” (56) He will say: “By Allah! You were just about to lead me to perdition. (57) Had it not been for my Lord´s grace, I would be among those who deserved hell.
Qur-an 37 – as Saffat

Also the armies of good act in this world. If only we were able to recognize them, to contact them, to enlist in their ranks… perhaps we could change the script, slightly, so that the alteration could pass sort of unnoticed.

It’s time to look for our people, to run away from the feast. It is necessary that we should get off the grid that has held us prisoners of desire.

Are you afraid of death? And yet death is something the believers long for. They are leaning against that door, waiting for the moment of the reunion.

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