OPEN LETTER TO VLADIMIR PUTIN (current president of the Russian Federation)

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The grim aura projected by his slanted eyes of the steppe wolf is softened by the affable smile that clearly indicates that we are facing a sincere man, a politician who has erased from his speech and daily practice any hint at demagogy. This fact situates him among a handful of statesmen known to history who have been capable of such a feat.

That is the reason why we address you since demagogy is one of the by-products of cynicism, and it is only with the leaders who lack this abhorrent characteristic that men sit and talk without putting on a mask that conceals their true intentions.

It is so beautiful, so sublime to speak without cover-ups, without hypocrisy… without cynicism. When we browse the newspapers or visit any website and come across the statements of this or that politician who defines the latest massacre perpetrated by their armies as “mismanagement” or “miscalculation”, rage overtake us and there’s nothing we can do about it. Is it true then that our lives have no value at all? Are the ruins of the houses in which we grew up and the schools we studied at mere statistical data?

Yet the agents of extermination have names and historical identity. They are not nightly ghosts or spontaneous evil spirits. They are not philosophical entelechies or neutral manifestations of human psychology. It is the West, the West –Europe and the United States.

We are writing to you because these entities that we have just mentioned are not only the enemies of Russia, but of humanity as such. It is these entities wrapped up in banners of peace, justice and progress that have originated and continue to originate all the conflicts in the world. Do not sit down with them. Defend human dignity tooth and nail. You cannot talk to cynics –it’s a waste of time; it’s a wear and tear of energy and spirit.

The West, guided by its cynical strategy of domination, does not understand you, cannot understand you; but it fears you because it sees in your words and your actions the somber presage of the establishment of the divine will. In the same way that the European “settlers” were displacing the natives of America until they were pushed into the ocean or killed by their firearms, and satanic fire it was, in this same way the new emerging block, of which Russia is an essential part, is displacing the West into its beloved intergalactic space.

Do not sit down with them. They just want to charm you with their technological spells, with the glamour of vice and the promises of cosmic domination. But you are a steppe wolf, not easily deceived by the urban neon. You know the feeling of freedom sleeping under the stars can give.

Do not sit down with them. Do not humiliate yourself by talking to golf players, congressmen who do not know what the capital of Iraq is, even if they have served in that region of the globe and have pulled the trigger thousands of times against children and women who live there. Do not sit down with their allies, the true architects of Northamerican politics; the true deep state of the USA.

But above all, do not sit down with the Jews who, from Israel and from consortiums of their donkeys in the West, move the checkers on a board without squares.

You did not want to rush, thinking, as did the natives of America, that the word of the apparently distinguished western leaders could be trusted. Now you know that it cannot, and this “not” is eternal, immovable and irreversible. It is the “not” against the armies of Iblis. Can evil, after all, feel remorse, mercy, desire to please the Creator? If such were the case, it would stop being EVIL and the existential equation would get dangerously unbalanced.

You should not, you must not trust them. We know how difficult the case of Syria has turned out to be. Despite having first-hand information, you hesitated. Could a country so insignificant, so poor, with an army so inadequately armed, so third-worldish… be right as against the devastating cynicism of the “powerful” and “civilized” West? Who in their right mind could position themselves on its side? The attitude of Russia, your attitude, seemed insane. Europe spoke with disdain of it. The whole world was surprised at that clumsy step into the abyss, for it was towards the abyss where Russia was heading on supporting president Bashar al-Assad … and you hesitated, for a moment you vacillated. Truly that was being alone in the face of danger, in the face of death, in the face of history.

The year 2011 passed and Syria was still standing. There were more and more rebel strongholds, more encysted territories offering asylum to young Syrians and more uncontrolled groups armed to the teeth from all corners of the Earth. Likely, when you asked your advisors and experts for information, they all assured you that it was a miracle that the Assad government was still there. But we do not think they truly believed that this miracle would last much longer. Your heart urged you to launch your fighter jets, your missiles, your assault troops against that ignominy propitiated, armed and trained by the United States and its allies, especially Turkey, and their private companies of mercenaries. However, the reports you received and your own analysis recommended caution.

The year 2012 passed and 2013 began. There were more and more terrorist groups and more weapons in Syria, all of them coming from abroad. You were still calm, negotiating, trying to find a peaceful solution to the conflict that had broken out in Syria overnight. But they kept recruiting more mercenaries, passing more arms across the Turkish, Iraqi and Jordanian borders. Syria had no other ally on land than Iran and Hizbullah.

In came the year 2014. To the astonishment of the whole world, thousands of “mujahideen” armed to the teeth were crossing the Turkish and Iraqi borders. Had nobody seen them? Perhaps they crossed over at night, on tiptoe, so as not to alert  border patrols? However, the Bashar government was becoming stronger, safer, firmer. No doubt your heart was about to give in. You must have thought more than once: “Damn reports, damn political analysis and damn statistics. In no academic study does the miracle factor appear. And a miracle that lasts is the only factor that can explain the inexplicable victory of this great people.”

2015 –the decisive year, the crucial point which tipped up the balance of history. The last doubts and scruples got dissipated and, shoulder to shoulder, you prepared the defense of Syria. You had waited too long and terrorist groups were rampant throughout all Syrian territory –new mercenaries, new weapons and more demagoguery in western media. Your position and that of China, however, remained firm and even defiant. Your determination was widening the gap more and more until it became an abyss.

The year 2016 and 2017 both passed. The West was at its wits’ end –president Bashar one day was a murderer and the next day someone with whom one needed to negotiate. A few weeks later he was a butcher who had to be butchered, but a few months later he was being accepted as the leader of the post-Bashar Syria. Had they gone crazy? It was in fact merely the hysteric reaction of those who felt terrified by the events which were clearly out of their control, which in point of truth they had never controlled.

The fear, the uncertainty, the ideological vacuum is what best characterizes western leaders and their ignorant and happy masses of junk food consumers, which is killing them, albeit not so softly. Can one hope, realistically speaking, that from among those tallow balls there might arise an elite capable of understanding the intrinsic existential structure? Leave them to their fate. Can something beautiful grow in a garden planted in the middle of a dumping site? Withdraw from that negotiation table.

They assure you that everything is over and that Russia is the victor, but they will not stop arming their terrorist groups, backing them, preparing false flag chemical weapons attacks to justify their childish tantrums. Now they have encysted Idlib. It is already a malignant tumor that threatens to spread throughout Syria. Iran gave you the solution, but you hesitated again. Might it be that you desire, at the very bottom of your heart, what Erdogan desires –to be accepted in the Paris-London-New York club Winston? Break that spell, dissipate those mirages, do not ride on a derailed train. Perhaps you feel sorry for the “civilian” population of Idlib? They all hate you and all that you represent. They are West´s most faithful henchmen, their most active cranks. They get excited when they contemplate the New Mekka with its skyscrapers towering over the Ka’bah, the House –that insignificant construction which by its very existence diminishes the glamour of the great satanic design that the Jews have presented to the Saudi royalty. The sunnis are biting the tips of their fingers in rage. For 8 years, from China to Mauritania, they have been supplicating Most High to destroy the governments of Syria and Iran. Not a single one of their pleas has been heard. Die of your rage!

The media have just announced your next meeting with Turkey, France and Germany. Do not sit down with them. They are your enemies, our enemies, the enemies of all that is good. Do you really want to sit down with those who have instigated the Syrian conflict and continue to play the drums of war? Sit down with China and Iran. Extract once and for all the malignant tumor at Idlib.

You might remember Prince Arijudna of the Bhagavad Ghita. The great warrior of the Hindu epic mounting his chariot at the head of the army of good. Yet his arm trembles. He cannot shoot the bow. He cannot shoot his arrows against his own clan and family. Listen to Krishna pleading: “Now that we know the truth, why don’t we retreat to some mountain cave and remain in continuous meditation, in continual contemplation? Why get involved in mundane affairs?” Arijudna smiles: “Do you really think you can kill someone? Is there really someone facing you? Hold your reins tightly, tense your bow and launch yourself with your armies against those who do not, but sow corruption on Earth.” These are the same words with which Allah Most High teaches His Messenger the reality of appearances: “When you threw, it was not you who threw, but We were the ones who threw.” Hold your bow firmly and cast your armies against Idlib. There is no one opposite you; only silhouettes that have already been deleted from the Kitab, even before this universe was created.

We were struck by your words, by the speech you delivered at the annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi:

comillasThe aggressor must know that the retribution is inevitable, and that he will be destroyed, and we, the victims of the aggression, will go to Heaven as martyrs, while they will simply die, because they will not even have time to repent.

They moved us because these were the words of a believer, words that no catholic could ever pronounce. However, your speech should be the call to war, sincerity and responsibility. You must tense the bow with force. They, the aggressors, the exterminators, the West, the donkeys of the Jews, do not want peace, but destruction, slavery, vice, the gypsy feast, the witches’ sabbath, the Samirí’s calf. They have fought against prophecy since the time of Musa and today, at last, the world is in ruins –human ruins.

Do not sit down with them. Do not sit down with the dead. Allah Most High warned His Messenger: “Can the dead hear your words?” The dead cannot hear or feel because their hearts have stopped beating and feeling emotions. Sit down with the living. It is with them that you must build the new world order, the new spring, the new statue of liberty. Sit down with the true elite, the one that never appears on television screens or at grand events. It is the elite that works unknown to the world in modest dwellings of some “shithole country”.

Do not sit down with them, do not negotiate with them. Send your armies to Virginia, to California, to Texas… to Canada and to Australia. Do not let the war scenario materialize again thousands of miles from their little houses with front and back gardens. Do not wait to receive the first blow. Do not be afraid of history, that whore who goes to bed with the first client who arrives and pays her.

It is a time to fight because we have reached a great impasse. Nobody can move a single checker. Not anymore. Any movement is irrelevant, useless, without value. We are suffocating in this poisoned greenhouse, in this glass cube as if insects imprisoned there. Only from a healthy war can emerge a healthy world order.

Do not hesitate anymore, never again. Hold tightly the reins of your chariot and tense the bow. Shoot the first arrow, direct to the heart of the West.

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