Iblis in His Sunday Best Beholds His World Orders

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Can there really be any substantial change in present-day societies?

We live in times of degeneration of the human condition, of the human species, of the only species that can be aware of its own reality, of the surrounding universe and of death. It is not easy to maintain such a subtle condition century after century and millennium after millennium –a highly unstable and changeable status. In the existential game there are elements man has in his favor, and which he can use to perpetuate his capacities and maintain his conscience alert. There also elements which act against him and his nature.

One of these elements is his fear of losing the pleasures of this life, the only one he knows. The vision that the existential journey does not end with death, but rather begins with it, is not received firmly by his heart. His main adviser and counselor is Iblis, “the rebel”, “the whisperer”, “the deceiver”, who assures him that he is right in doubting those prophetic tales that speak of another life, of another reality, of an eternal journey: “Those claims are pure chimeras. What we see with our own eyes is that after death we become dust and decayed bones. Do they promise us that we will rise again from that dust and those bones? Undoubtedly, these are tales of the ancients, hoaxes all of them.” Everyone agrees. Let the spectacle begin, then.

There are other, positive elements that remind us that more difficult and surprising events than resurgence of life took place while we were being created –someone  designed our fingers, their tips and their movements that allow us to hold a pen and write; and eyes that allow us to see and differentiate millions of nuances without the the least effort on our part.

However, Iblis has many more in his favor than mere doubt. There are our inclinations. Mercy is nothing else but an alibi to cover up our own evil –How many parents do sell their daughters every day for a handful of dollars! How many parents prefer to continue watching a funny television program instead of taking care of their children’s education! AIDS, drug addiction, delinquency, transgenderism… It does not matter, in Iblis‘s spectacle everyone should be happy. “Just a moment! Hey, you! I’ve prepared this rope precisely for you. Put it around your neck. Get yourself on that stool. That’s it. Now jump into the void. We cannot eliminate guilt, reproach, despair.”

However, everyone is happy. The statistics are alarming, but we are alive, we have means to have fun and we believe in reincarnation. No questions asked. It is accepted as an irrevocable axiom. Alchemy, astrology, planetary organization… There is strong evidence, there are old books that speak of the philosopher’s stone. There are powers that escape physical laws. The existence of extraterrestrials is already part of the scientific postulate. There are probes traveling around the galaxy and the dark side of the Moon has just been illuminated. Religion is the opium of the people. All the priests, the bishops, the cardinals, the ayatollahs, the ulamas… the shamans agree. We are touching the bottom. Life will go on tomorrow. Each one will be able to exhibit his truth, his god, his gender, his perversion. We cannot control the evolution of man, but everything indicates that it is directed towards the supernatural –from a  bacteria without nucleus to the divine we’re reaching now. This is our destiny, to be gods, to be parricides… Iblis is exhausted. It is the universal catharsis. It is true that altars have been prepared for human sacrifice, but blood is inevitable, it purifies, it strengthens the effect of shamanic potions. Iblis exalts himself. He has been squeezing in earnest the earthly cake for three centuries now and everyone is shouting their thanks: “Let me offer you my son’s liver and my daughter’s cancerous breast.” “Put them over there. I’ve already told you that alcohol kills and that women should marry and have children, but you love vice. Away with you, human waste!”

comillasDo not cultivate gardens in dumping sites or throw pearls to pigs…

The positive elements warn us: “Do not cultivate gardens in dumping sites or throw pearls to pigs. Both lead to ruin.” Nobody listens; and if someone listens, they do not understand; and if someone understands, they do not act on it. It is the symptom of today -paralysis, immobility, fatigue, disconnection, zombism.

We must separate at this point, because you are already fuel for the hell. Your name is engraved right there, next to your earthly leaders, next to your Nobel Prizes, next to your Hollywood stars, next to your singers and popes…

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