Is the death of Karl Lagerfeld a great event? – Was his life a great event?

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There can be no better opportunity of filling media with cultural waste than news of this type, given that culture is the substratum in which western societies and politics move and breathe. Culture is the value shared and defended tooth and nail by Republicans and Democrats; the Labour and the Tories; the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats; Communists and Nationalists –to name but a few. They all support almost unconditionally perversion of genres, extravagances, waste, eccentricities, freedom, sexual deviations –to name but a few again. The only prohibition is that of mentioning the truth. The Trump family may call themselves “conservative” but they could militate in the Democratic Party and nobody would notice. You can say whatever you feel like saying about their respective parties; say something against culture and they’ll show you their teeth.

We understand thus that western “free and independent” mass media air and publicize the Karl Lagerfeld event as a reminder to all of which way the wind is blowing, and in it the answer that any vestige of morality is a glaring sign of terrorism and of an attempt to undermine the foundations of the western “civilization”. What is most perplexing is the fact that platforms such as Russia Today and Sputnik have treated the issue in the same way. No doubt they were expected to give the news, but why join in the pathetic and sinister homage to that human caricature, that grotesque scarecrow without conscience, who in the last spin of the grotesque pirouette that was his life, declared:

“I never thought I would fall in love with a cat like that,” admitted Lagerfeld in a television interview, adding with regret: “There is still no marriage between humans and animals.”

Which does not mean that he did not enjoy his cat in terms of conjugal felicity.

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Is this the kind of a luminary to whom the whole world should pay tribute? Does the difference between RT/Sputnik and the western media lie solely in the fact that the former support Russia and allies’ policies while the latter don’t? Only that? If a power block or a means of communication does not differ from the rest in their cultural projection, in their assumption of clear and coherent values ​​that reflect not only their political ideology but also social proposals, then that block will be easily assimilated and will disappear.

People do not follow the dominant religion or the most powerful armies or the most advanced economies. They follow the dominant culture, the values it transmits and the artificial nature this culture superimposes over the genuine, original human condition. The way to counteract this culture, western culture,the culture of vice and human degradation, which pays homage to individuals such as this marionette, is publicizing again and again the values ​​and behaviors that are proper to man –fighting and striving to start a family, building up its foundations, raising and sustaining it; resisting the siren song of technology; replacing individualism with visits to friends and family; substituting research and analysis for mere gregariousness; visiting the sick; helping and supporting orphans; having company during each meal of the day; denouncing abuses and injustices, and helping those who report them; changing gender equality, and above all transgenderism,for collaboration and respect for the functions proper to each sex; passing on the truth about our existence to next generations: There is a creator who has always communicated with men, but not anymore,by means of the prophetic system, from Adam to Muhammad; there will be Resurrection and there will be Judgment; there will be Fire and there will be Gardens… as long as the Heavens and the Earth last.

What does the western culture offer us in exchange? Fashions, models, trends, alcohol, tattoos, drugs, perversions and ignorance, above all –ignorance.Here is some of the latest about Karl Lagerfeld:

“Karl Lagerfeld has been reported to the French Broadcasting Control Agency for claiming that the presence of Muslim immigrants in Germany was an affront to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust,” saying:

comillas“You cannot kill millions of Jews and then allow millions of their worst enemies to enter, even if decades have passed.”

Karl did not know what he was talking about. Androids like him feel most eloquent while they are having their hair done. What does the alleged Jewish holocaust have to do with Muslims? Jews have always been persecuted, killed or expelled by Christians, and in most cases they have found no better refuge than Muslim countries. We could tell Karl a long story, but the dead like him do not hear and even if he were alive, it would be more beneficial to tell it to his cat.

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Western culture is present in every cell of each individual and of each society that follows it. The above is the presidential family –an idiot (we are quoting Ann Coulter)with a model on each side. Nothing to reproach; nothing to be ashamed of  –Melania posing next to Karl the Icon, Karl the Kaiser, Karl the Cat Lover. What more can be required of the wife of an American president? She is a free and independent woman. She left her country in search of fortune and fame, and she has found both, although she’s not much of a crowd-puller given that she has nothing to say. She is a model –posing, parading, exhibiting and trivializing herself. Western culture is all a pose, a well-studied gesture, a slogan, an eccentricity… something to remember.

Melania is sad. What’s wrong with Melania? That her icon, her Caesar, someone she had so much fun with has died. With him everything was easy and exciting –photos, reports, cat walks… fame, superficiality. She sent him a tweet:

“Today the world has lost a creative genius. We will miss you Karl.”

Melania dear, he can’t hear you. Next time a genius passes away, be more imaginative.

What is in point of truth Karl Lagerfeld’s legacy? Fashion, culture –the substrate of the West. However, the absolute and transcendental reality to the existence of which we are inevitably subject is very different from what Karl thought and from what Pope Francis thinks. Now the puppet faces the truth;he can see it;it´s palpable, it can be felt.Francisco, ask the fashion designer if Hell exists. You will only hear his deafening shrill. Learn, then, the lesson. Do not conceal the truth in support of the Jewish agenda.

We understand that the West mourns the death of an icon of their culture, what we find more difficult to understand is why the Russian and the Chinese press pay him homage with the same passion. The real enemy of the emerging block is not the weapons of mass destruction that the United States and allies have stored everywhere around the world, but the Judeo-Christian culture that two thousand years ago settled down in Europe and later in North America, establishing materialistic and atheist societies under the umbrella of a religious affiliation both hypocritical and corrosive.

Karl Lagerfeld, and everything he represents, is the enemy of the genuine human nature –covered up, falsified and strangled by his designs.If China and Russia really want to become an alternative to the West, they should begin counteracting its culture by praising and exalting the true icons of humanity, those that promote the values ​​of a human being, guide to the truth and righteousness and are a beacon of light for people who are more and more confused with every day that passes.

Melania is going to miss Karl very much, but surely she does not remember, and much less misses, the prophet Muhammad (s.a.s), Isa (Jesus), Musa (Moses), Ibrahim (Abraham, peace on them all). The only room left in her memory is for data about fashion designers, begetters of culture and those who cover up the truth.

The West hates itself, and inevitably spreads this hatred all over the rest of the world. The West, always on the lookout for enemies, should take heed.The only enemy the West has is the West itself.

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